Whether it’s in business or the world of psychology, you’re probably familiar with the terms ‘growth mindset’ and ‘fixed mindset’. The term “mindset” refers to the learned and established set of attitudes you’ve adopted over time. A growth mindset is the attitude that there is always room for improvement and advancement, whereas a fixed mindset is the belief that you’re stuck with your natural skills without any room for improvement; the belief that you are limited in what you can achieve.

The truth is, every individual on this planet has one of these mindsets, but the great news is that if you feel as if you’re stuck in a fixed mindset, you DO have the ability to implement strategies that will help you shift into a growth mindset. One of the simplest ways to make that shift is to incorporate small, but impactful strategies into your daily routine. By taking small steps and completing these strategies on a consistent basis, you will create a routine that will ultimately guarantee the development of a good habit. A good habit is the key to shifting your mindset about building your brand.

Why is achieving a growth mindset so important?

It’s simple! When your mindset opens up and you’re more conscious and confident of the abundance of options available to you, you will be eager to grow and do what it takes to achieve your goals. Having a growth mindset means you are open to learning new things, changing your lifestyle, and most importantly, having a more positive outlook on life which will lead to new opportunities.

Consider your coworkers or friends who are constantly complaining about the jobs they hate or the bosses they cannot stand. They dislike what they do, but they keep going back to it every day as they feel as if they have no other choice. People who tend to consistently complain are often stuck in a fixed mindset.  They are unable to see beyond their current circumstances and feel stuck in their 9-5 jobs for life. If they were in a growth mindset, they would be seeking new opportunities, requesting more responsibilities, or be well on their way to building their own brands and/or businesses.

What are some small strategies you can implement today?

Here are three small, but impactful strategies that can help you shift your mindset:

  1. Spend at least 5-10 minutes a day visualizing your goals for growing your business. Think of your bigger picture, where would you like your business to be in 10 years? What would you want others to say about your brand? Yes, this can be a bit overwhelming but the goal is to gain clarity on where you’re headed so it’s easier to break the path down into smaller steps. For instance, if you want to shift and focus fully on your side-hustle (part-time gig), think of what you need to accomplish first before quitting your day job. What are some factors that need to be in place before taking that full leap of faith? What needs to be true? What finances need to be secured?

Make a list of your top 10 goals and write them down every day. You may not know exactly how you plan to achieve them, but the repetition embeds them into your mind.

  1. Recap your accomplishments at the end of the day. By focusing on the positive results of your workday, you are able to end the day on a positive note. Avoid dwelling on what wasn’t finished or didn’t go well. Simply put those tasks onto a new to-do list and save them for tomorrow. Pre-planning your tasks for the next day also allows you to start the day mentally prepared.
  2. Be grateful. Take just a few minutes to meditate or journal about your gratitude. When you recognize all that’s good in life, your daily attitude will naturally become more optimistic. Acknowledging gratitude has also been shown to lower blood pressure and stress levels.

You don’t need dozens of small strategies to shift your mindset. Simply choose one or two to start and incorporate them into your daily life. Soon, you won’t even remember life without these strategies.  And you can always add more as necessary.


Ayisha ThompsonAs the founder of Envision Creative A.R.T., Ayisha Thompson helps businesses discover and develop innovative brand identities.  Through her diverse level of experience in various industries, Ayisha has mastered the craft of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs with design and brand marketing services, creating strategic and impactful brands that speak to their target audience, increase brand awareness, and create captivating messaging that consistently convert leads into sales.