3 Tips on How to Build Trust and Work Well Together

“The greatest asset, even in this country, is not oil and gas. It’s integrity. Everyone is searching for it, asking, ‘Who can I do business with that I can trust?’” George Foreman

As a business owner, you know how important it is to build a good reputation. Following through on your commitments to your clients and doing what you say you are going to do establishes you as a good business owner, and a good person. Your clients know that you have integrity and that you’re trustworthy, not just because of your words, but because of your actions. Having integrity and ethics is imperative to long-lasting business success.

In return, you expect that same level of honesty and integrity from others you work with. But how do you know if other people, like Virtual Assistants (VA’s), or other independent contractors, have high standards and integrity?

Maybe you’re thinking about working with a VA for the first time, and you have some questions. After all, you’ll be working with someone you don’t know. How do you know that they are trustworthy? How do you know that they’ll follow through and provide the services you both agreed to?  Will they produce quality work?

To help answer those questions here’s something you should know about VA’s; they truly want to do a good job for you. Doing good work and providing quality client service is the reason they became VA’s, to begin with. They are small business owners, just like you. VA’s work hard to build their businesses from the ground up and have found their own successes by earning reputations as trustworthy business people.

If you’re still not sure where to start, here are some tips to help you get to know the VA you want to work with, and to help you create a good working relationship:

  1. Get to know each other by working on a small task first: Working on a single task is a good way to know if you and your VA will work well together. You can also work together for a short period of time, or on a trial basis. It’s a low-risk proposition for both of you.
  2. Ask for references: If you need immediate help with a large project or need ongoing support, then ask the VA for a few work references from previous clients or jobs. That way you’ll learn more about their reliability and work habits.
  3. Have a contract or work agreement: Whether it’s a small task, or a long term project, a contract or agreement is a good way to clarify what is expected from both parties, and helps to minimize misunderstandings. Also, following through on the agreement helps to establish a trust for both you and the VA.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort or risk to find someone who’s reliable and trustworthy. Remember that VA’s want the relationship to succeed as much as you do. They want to be known as the experienced, dependable VA that you can count on. And just like you, VA’s take pride in having successful, reputable businesses.

Julie StewartJulie Stewart is a Digital Marketing VA with over fifteen years’ experience in marketing for small businesses. Julie helps busy professionals promote their businesses and increase their online presence by coordinating their marketing needs, and assisting them with their websites, social media, email marketing and online content. To learn more about how Julie can help you increase your online presence, visit her website at www.jascreative.com.