If you are located in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is finally here!

It is the time of year many people plan a getaway for some rest and relaxation. As a small business owner, you may see a downturn in client activities at this time of year. This is normal, especially with your client’s planned vacations, slowdowns, etc. This is a great time for you to work on your Summer business plans! Here are 5 easy Summer business planning ideas that you can incorporate into your business before your plate gets full in the Fall.

#1:  Consistent posting on your social media

One thing a small business should never do is DISAPPEAR during the Summer.  Even if you are relaxing on a beach somewhere; enjoying a drink with a little umbrella in it, take some time before you leave to schedule your Summer posts. There are so many automated tools out there that can help you with this task. Heck, Facebook has their own (free) posting scheduler available! So, take some time now to plan your Summer posts!

#2:  Learn something new or update existing skills

The downtime that comes with the Summer season is the PERFECT time to take or finish the course you may not have had time to work on, during the first half of the year. If you don’t have any unfinished courses, you can look into some of the many changes that have happened over the past 6 months on many of the social media platforms. Do you know what the new suggested sizes are for your social media graphics? Hmmm.

#3:  Update or optimize your website

Have you looked at your website lately? Do you know how long it takes to upload (on desktop and mobile)? Have you optimized your website for loading time and SEO? Is there something you can do to increase your Google Analytics scores?  Are you set up for analytics? These are things that you can look at during the Summer.

#4:  Make backup arrangements

If your business is not going to slow down (Yay for you)! However, are YOU planning on taking some time off? Do you have backup arrangements in place? You know your clients the best. Are they accepting of others doing their work; or do they expect you to be available at all times? A break from the daily grind has been proven to be a healthy decision. Framingham Heart Study ran a 20-year study and found that women who vacationed once every 6 years or less, were almost EIGHT TIMES more likely to develop heart disease, than women who took at least 2 vacations per year!

#5: Continue to market your business

Your business marketing should not stop during the Summer months. This is the perfect time to connect with a potential client who needs support but cannot find it! When everyone else is taking time off, your continued marketing will show businesses that you are available! Consider writing an article that explains how you can help during times when others may have closed up shop!

If you keep these 5 Summer Business Planning tips in mind, not only will you continue to engage with your existing clients and make new connections with potential clients, but, you might also be able to get a little time off yourself (which we know is a healthy life choice)!

Don’t forget – if you need to eliminate some tasks, in order to free up the time to work on your Summer business planning; collaborate with a professional Virtual Assistant!  IVAA offers a free RFP system for you to post your VA needs and our members can reply to you with a proposal.  So, if you are looking to hire a virtual assistant, click here to learn about submitting an RFP.

For those that are entering this wonderful time of year…Have a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous Summer season!

Karen Kannegiesser virtual assistantKaren Kannegiesser is an online business resource assistant with over three decades of C-suite level executive administrative and supply chain expertise. She has many years as a strategic MRO buyer for a large specialty chemical manufacturer, as well as an extensive background in database management, project management, contract administration and business continuity/disaster recovery preparedness.www.LotusBusinessResources.com