Congratulations!  You have a fantastic product or service! Now, how are you going to turn that fantastic product or service into a profitable business?

Enter, Marketing Strategies! Marketing isn’t just an important part of a successful business – it IS the business.  Everything else you do in your business depends on how effective your marketing strategies are in driving clients to your business!

But like most business owners, you have run out of time. There are many tasks a Virtual Assistant can do to help you. Often this is the best way a business can do more and turn that product or service into one with more sales and bring in that profit you desire. Hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Many VAs offer social media and online marketing as a specialty. If you need help with your marketing, bring in a Virtual Assistant and then they can help you with some of the marketing strategies that will help drive more clients and more sales.

1. Use social media.

Be yourself! Don’t just post “salesy” content, post thoughts and anything you feel that your target audience/ideal client will find relevant. Do research to find out which platforms your ideal client uses; you can then determine the best times and dates to share your knowledge.

A J.D. Powers study found that sixty-seven percent of consumers use social media for customer service inquiries, so make sure you become a part of that community! Don’t forget to engage with your audience by starting conversations and responding to their comments (both good AND bad). You wouldn’t ignore someone who reaches out to you in person, so don’t ignore them online. Building relationships is one of the most important parts of your social media marketing success, so always acknowledge every person who reaches out to you.

2. Blog, Blog, Blog found that marketers who blog are 13 times more likely to experience a positive ROI.  Demand Metrics determined that businesses who blog, generate 67 percent more leads than those who don’t!

However, don’t just blog for the sake of blogging. Use platforms like to research suitable content to post. Also, visit sites like Quora and Reddit and be seen as an authority, by answering questions in your area of expertise.

3. Build a great lead magnet.

The right lead magnet, when presented to your ideal client, can bring unbelievable results. To qualify as a great lead magnet, it needs to:

  • Address known “pain points” in your ideal client’s business
  • Present a solution that will take their ‘pain points’ away

What type of lead magnet should you build? You can create an ebook, a cheat sheet, a checklist or a how-to video. Be creative! Think about the lead magnets you’ve seen that drew you in. What was it about them that peeked your curiosity to want to learn more about the offering?

4. Take advantage of email distribution (a.k.a. build that list!)

Now that you have created an AMAZING lead magnet, the next step in your funnel is Email marketing.  Part of any good sales funnel is going to be an email marketing sequence. These are the automated messages that go out to users once they subscribe to your list. Use your email sequence to build a relationship with your subscribers. Be authentic and transparent. Email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your audience, and the fact that it costs next to nothing to execute makes it one of the best tools to add to your marketing toolkit.

5. Keep an eye on your SEO

Okay, you’re visible on social media, you are building a “know, like and trust” factor with your ideal clients, you’re blogging valuable content, you’ve built an incredible lead magnet and you have your email distribution set up.  How do you determine whether these steps are getting you the greatest return on your investment and reaching your ideal clients?

Enter:  Search engine optimization!  SEO can significantly help your brand reach the people who want what you’re offering.

Industry experts recommend updating your SEO once a quarter; after all, Google updates its algorithm more than 500 times a year, according to Find the keywords that are making your business gain or lose traction in the search engine cycle, to make your brand as discoverable and searchable as possible.

Many new business owners may want to jump right in and market their business before focusing on a clear target audience/ideal client. Doing some upfront work to clarify your target market and then committing to it, will make your marketing efforts that much easier in the long run.  Find more customers like your best customer and stop selling to those that aren’t in that group.

If you know that you need to devote more time to your marketing efforts, but your time is limited, collaborate with a professional Virtual Assistant!  IVAA offers a free RFP system for you to post your VA needs and our members can reply to you with a proposal.

If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant to implement your marketing strategies like these five, click here to learn about submitting an RFP.

Karen Kannegiesser virtual assistant

Karen Kannegiesser is an online business resource assistant with over three decades of C-suite level executive administrative and supply chain expertise. She has many years as a strategic MRO buyer for a large specialty chemical manufacturer, as well as an extensive background in database management, project management, contract administration and business continuity/disaster recovery