There are so many tools out there to help you run your business, from automating your recurring tasks, to simplifying how your clients pay. What if we told you that you can do all that within a single program? At Dubsado, we strive to make running your business more efficient while making your client experience professional and seamless!


Let’s say that you have a lot of documents to send to your client, whether it be welcome packets, questionnaires, contracts, invoices, etc. Rather than flooding your client’s email with links and attachments, you can load that all into the client portal. The client can access that portal at anytime and see everything related to your project together. They won’t need to hunt through old emails to figure out where that contract went, because all of the documents will be housed in one easily accessed client portal. You can even embed the portal link onto your website!


What if you have to do the same things for every single new client, over and over again? Rather than following up on each client, remembering to send an email 30 days before the event, you can setup a workflow to do it for you! Your workflow triggers a chain of customizable actions—all without you lifting a finger!

You can request payments within Dubsado as well. For example, if you require clients to pay a 20% deposit, you can set up automatic payment reminders to send a few days before the deposit is due. Then you can set the remaining balance to be due by the end of the project. This is just an example; you can customize it to your needs, adjusting the amount due on a certain date by percentage of total, or by a fixed dollar amount.


Getting your contract signed and returned has never been easier. Dubsado’s contracts allow your client to open, approve, and legally e-sign them all at once. Dubsado shows you if the contract has been viewed by the client and notifies you once they have signed it, so you can lock in that job and get started!


With Dubsado, you are able to have everything set to your branding. You can add your logo and brand colors to reflect your own personal business branding. Although sample templates of forms, payment schedules, packages, and more are available to you, you are able to create and customize everything, streamlining the clients’s experience, and presenting yourself and your business in your own way. Dubsado also offers white labeling, which is the ability to change the domain of your Dubsado pages from Dubsado’s domain to yours! For example, the client portal would not reference that you are using Dubsado, but could say “” instead!


Aside from the many features that Dubsado offers, there is also an incredible private Facebook Community. This group is run by the Dubsado team, but is a source of collaboration and inspiration from Dubsado users all over the world! So many people offer their help and guidance, and you can easily search to find the answer on questions you may have. Most likely, someone else has wondered the same thing!

Dubsado offers many features to make the backend of your business run smoothly. Cameron will go over the entire suite in detail during his session, teaching you how your CRM can work best for you—in your creative service, based on your own business.