What small business wouldn’t like to have a full sales funnel? No one, right? Having a full sales funnel not only guarantees you consistent finances, but it also shows the world that your services and/or products are in-demand. Here are 5 ways you can fill up your small business’ sales funnel and how a VA can help you do it!

1. Follow up on all RFP submissions.

Many VAs specialize in contract and project management. They can help your business submit proposals to open RFPs. They can also handle any follow-ups, as well. What better way to add potential clients to your sales funnel? These businesses are actively seeking the help you can provide!

2. Make scheduling time with you easy and seamless.

First impressions are lasting.  An easy way to make a great first impression is by setting up an automated online calendar scheduler.  These tools make it easy for potential clients to set up that all-important initial call with you, which is a first step in getting them into your sales funnel.

VAs who specialize in business automation use programs like Acuity, Calendly or Book Like a Boss, many of which free versions.  They can help you choose the best program for your business, as well as install and maintain it for you.

3. Following up after networking events.

Many online entrepreneurs know that even if your business is virtual, there are still huge benefits to local networking. Taking advantage of these events is a great way to get exposure for your business and to show your expertise.  A VA can help you follow up by drafting emails to people you meet, connecting with them on LinkedIn or other social media channels, and scheduling future outreach to your new contacts.  This can bring more clients into and down your sales funnel.

4. Use social media to your benefit.

Once you know who your ideal clients are, research the online influencers and social media groups that they engage with and follow, and start following them yourself. Help promote people you want to do business with by liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts.  This kind of engagement in social media can be a time-consuming activity.  Fortunately, there are social media VAs that can manage your online presence and help bring those potential clients into your sales funnel.

5. Email marketing.

Once you get a prospective client into the top of your sales funnel, you need to start nurturing them. Be sure to supply them with tidbits of valuable information. This could be in the form of informational videos, infographics, podcasts, or slideshows.

Always remember the information you (or your VA) provide via email to your prospective client shouldn’t be about you.  It should focus on solving your client’s problem or pain point.

A great way to share this content is email marketing. Yep, you are right — this is another time-consuming activity. The good news is email marketing is another task that can be handled by your VA.


Most small businesses are time-strapped, but they understand that filling their sales funnel is key.  If you are serious about securing new clients, show your prospects that you consider their business a priority from the moment they enter your sales funnel.  Remember, the time you devote to building your sales funnel will have a compound effect over time.  And a VA can help you design and/or execute the perfect sales funnel strategies.

If your business is ready to hire a VA, to help you fill your sales funnel, IVAA offers a FREE RFP system for you.  Click here to post your VA needs and our members will reply to you with a proposal.


Karen Kannegiesser virtual assistant

Karen Kannegiesser is the owner of Lotus Business Resources LLC.

She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs and small business owners who are frustrated by having to run their business manually, and who struggle with trying to scale their business.

Karen works with her clients by automating their business processes and by handling their digital media strategy and management, which enables them to work ON their business, instead of IN it!