6 Personal and Business Benefits to Attending an IVAA Online Summit

Different people attend the IVAA Online Summit for different reasons. For some, it’s a time for learning new skills. For others, it’s an introduction to software, a niché, a speaker, or a specialty services area that’s held some curiosity. And for many, it’s a time to connect with like-minded colleagues for an inspirational-ramp-up-your-business motivational two days.

I always come away from an IVAA Online Summit energized about my business, with a renewed excitement to implement something I heard about or learned via one of the many sessions. I thoroughly enjoy the speaker and colleague exchanges. I’m never disappointed by the caliber of expertise each speaker so graciously shares. I’m especially drawn to the tiered offerings of each session time slot – something for an emerging virtual assistant, the seasoned virtual assistant, and usually something for virtual assistants who crave a deeper level of conversation and understanding – PLUS the bonus of receiving links, days after the Summit, to ALL of the recordings for every session.

Let’s look at important benefits that attending will bring to you – personally and business-wise.


  1. An Increased Knowledge Base: The sessions are geared to increase your knowledge base. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how to do XYZ, of how a specific niché works and functions from an expert in that area. You’ll have a go-to professional should you desire to delve deeper.
  2. Become a Better Researcher: I can’t count how many times after hearing about topic I’ve been spurred to dig deeper and research more. My search results determine if this area constitutes a new add-on service or a resource tool I can implement to make my business operate more efficiently.
  3. Motivation Booster: The excitement and passion shared by the speaker is often enough to get you jazzed about the session topic. The energy from the Q&A that follows each topic can be the fuel starter that gets you through a slump.


  1. Income Lift: Chances are during the two day event you’re going to learn something that you can convert into an income earner.
  2. Seed for Real-time Discussions with Peers: Following the Summit conversations with peers will blossom and you delve deeper into topics covered and share one-on-one about what resonated with you and how you’ll put your spin on what you’ve learned. It’s worthwhile to plan a lunch date or phone session with a few close colleagues to continue the topic discussions and become accountability partners in each other’s journey towards new goals.
  3. Staying Ahead of the Competition: Attending the Summit can give you the edge – keeping you ahead of your competition. Your attendance demonstrates one way you invest in your business.

Ruth Martin is a member of IVAA and has been working virtually since 2000. Her company Maplewood Virtual Assistance, LLC is located in Hagerstown, Maryland and specializes in online business support services with a focus on marketing, writing, project management and administrative support. To learn more about MaplewoodVA’s services or subscribe to her newsletter, In the Details: Looking at your business with new eyes visit her website.


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