6 Ways a Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Assist You with Your Social Media

As a small business owner, your time is limited. Here are 6 ways a social media virtual assistant can assist you with your social media and free up time for you to work ON your business, instead of IN it. Delegating social media work to a VA that specializes in Social Media Management can not only save you time, but they can bring greater visibility to your business. Don’t forget — you can deduct the cost of your social media VA as a business expense! The key is don’t try to do it all yourself!

Here are only 6 (of many) ways your VA can assist you:

1. Creating your Brand and Brand Strategy

The first step in getting ready for your Social Media presence is to create your brand and brand strategy.

Your brand is much more than your logo, your business name, or your byline/slogan. It is who you are, what you/your business stands for, and what you can do for your clients. It’s the experience your clients will have when they do business with you. If you are at the starting gate, contracting with a professional VA could be your ticket to the finish line.

Read more about business branding in this IVAA blog.

2. Monitor and Engage with Your Online Audience

Let your VA do the research to determine where your potential clients gather online. A VA can find industry-related groups and organizations you can join, to gain more visibility. Your VA will follow websites and blogs that match your expertise and help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

3. Creation of Social Media Business Pages

Did you know that it is against Facebook terms and conditions for you to run a business from your personal Facebook page? While you can use a personal profile to promote your business in creative ways, according to Facebook’s rulebook, you are not allowed to use a personal page solely for business purposes. Don’t risk having Facebook shut down your account; instead, have a Social Media VA create a Facebook Business Page for your business.

The same holds true for LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. Both platforms have business pages that are separate from your personal page. Although with LinkedIn, your personal page IS about you and your business, so a separate business page is not a necessity.

4. Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Your VA can create a content calendar for your posts and determine which activities to automate. This will save you time and get your posts better visibility.  It’s proven that when you plan your social media activities you will get more consistent results.

There is no ‘magical’ amount of posts that will guarantee results. The key is to decide how many posts and when you will post them and … do it consistently! Be visual. Attention spans are short. Be sure to have your VA add graphics and videos to your content.

5. Spy on Your Competitors

Yes, have your VA spy on your competitors! VAs that have knowledge of social media best practices can legally spy on your competitors, to determine what worked and what did not work for them. By doing this, you don’t have to go through as many trials and tribulations on your own dime! (And this is completely legal!)

6. Create targeted and engaging content

Once you know who your ideal client (avatar) is, let your VA write content, can create blogs, ads, and landing pages for you. Content that is creative will target your ideal client. A Social Media VA will research the type of content that will attract your ideal client. They can also determine when those clients are most active on social media.

We hope this article gave you some ideas on how a Social Media VA can help you and your business with social media.

If you are thinking about contracting with a virtual assistant, IVAA offers a free RFP system. Simply post your requirements and our members will reply to you with their proposals. Click here to learn about submitting an RFP.


Karen Kannegiesser virtual assistantKaren Kannegiesser is the owner of Lotus Business Resources LLC. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs and small business owners who are frustrated by having to run their business manually, and who struggle with trying to scale their business. She works with her clients by automating their business processes and by handling their digital media strategy and management, which enables them to work ON their business, instead of IN it!” www.LotusBusinessResources.com