Mission Statement

The International Virtual Assistants Association (“IVAA”) is a not-for-profit professional trade association of independent business owners who provide virtual administrative, creative, and/or technical services to a wide array of clientele while working remotely. The organization exists to promote, support, and preserve the integrity of this rapidly growing industry through interactive online programs and one-on-one networking. IVAA is without stock and is governed by volunteer professionals worldwide who are in practice as and/or mentor virtual assistants and freelancers.

IVAA’s Mission


To Lead

the premier organization for professional virtual assistants and freelancers world-wide.

To Promote

high professional standards through our members’ commitment to the IVAA Code of Ethics.

To Assist

our members to operate their VA practices more efficiently and profitably by providing education and benefits to promote the entrepreneurial work ethic, strengthen their wealth-creating capacity, and enhance general economic development.

To Build

strategic alliances, coalitions, and affiliations that provide our members with cutting-edge networking and business-building resources and opportunities.

To Serve

as a resource for businesses seeking the professional services our members provide by maintaining a free, easily accessible online database to simplify the task of locating the best qualified member for their needs.
For new member inquiries, please contact the IVAA or see the “Join Now” page regarding membership. Departmental listings for specific needs can be found on our Contact page to best assist you.


Melanie Campbell

Melanie Campbell


Florida, US
Term: 2020 – 2021

Open Position

Open Position


Janine Heydrick

Janine Heydrick


Florida, US
Term: 2020 – 2021

Michele Tooles

Michele Tooles


Calumet Park, IL
Term: 2022 – 2024

Directors at Large

Dionne Thomas

Dionne Thomas

Membership Director

Arizona, US
Term: 2020 – 2021

Open Office

Open Office

Education Director

Rachael Hodo

Rachael Hodo

Marketing Director

Alabama, US
Term: 2020 – 2021

Code of Ethics

All IVAA members agree to abide by this Code of Ethics as a condition of membership.

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Members shall always exercise integrity, honesty and diligence in carrying out their professional duties and responsibilities.

Members shall safeguard the interests of their colleagues and clients, and shall not knowingly be a party to any illegal or unethical activity.

Members shall enter into no agreement nor undertake any activity which may be in conflict or give the appearance of conflict with the legitimate interest of their client, or that would prejudice their capacity to perform their professional duties.

Members shall protect any confidential information obtained in the performance of their duties, and shall not use such information for personal gain nor in a manner that would be detrimental to their client or any other party.

Members shall continually ensure the currency of the knowledge, skills and technical competencies required to perform their professional activities.

Members shall refrain from conduct or action which would detract from the reputation of the IVAA or the profession of Virtual Assistance as a whole.

Members shall be mindful at all times of their responsibilities as professionals toward the community at large.


IVAA presents three awards at our Annual General Meeting, held each April. The Joey Wong Memorial Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service was created in memory of Joey Wong, an IVAA volunteer who passed away unexpectedly in February 2011.

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Many of us were impressed that Joey traveled from her home in Hong Kong to attend our Ninth Annual Live Summit in 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona. We were equally impressed by the energy, vibrancy, enthusiasm, and professionalism with which she served her fellow IVAA members, and those are the qualities candidates for this award embody. The winner is chosen by the Board of Directors from a list of three candidates drawn from IVAA’s list of non-board volunteers. Directors and officers are not eligible for this award.

Past Winners:
2018 – Rhonda Quade
2017 – Zeina Barker
2016 – Mimi Klosterman
2015 – Marilyn Stafford
2014 – Debbie Burtaine
2013 – Sue Amdur-Coburn
2012 – Lara Neiberding
2011 – Donnette Cowgill

The Volunteer of the Year Award is given by the President to recognize an IVAA volunteer who goes above and beyond the call of duty in service of IVAA. Whether volunteering in multiple departments or taking on large projects, this volunteer devotes a great deal of time and energy to his/her role for the benefit of others and the organization as a whole. The winner is chosen from among IVAA’s complete volunteer roster; directors and officers are eligible.

Past Winners:
2018 – Terrie Morinaga
2017 – Theresa Scholes
2016 – Jeanne Biggerstaff
2015 – Regina Osirus
2014 – Kimberley Thomas
2013 – Patty Dost
2012 – Jeannine Clontz
2011 – Donnette Cowgill

The Member of the Year Award is chosen by the President to recognize an IVAA member who achieved an extraordinary accomplishment or who did the most to advance or promote the virtual assistance/freelancing industry.

Past Winners:
2018 – Christine Rothdeutsch
2017 – Sue Amdur-Coburn
2016 – Dessire Izaguirre
2015 – Lorree Appleby
2014 – Eve Lindi
2013 – Kathy Colaiacovo
2011 – Nancy Seeger

Our Team

Doreen Patrick

Doreen Patrick

IVAA Webinar Speaker Specialist

As an entrepreneur, Doreen Patrick brings over 15 years of business support services to her company, Virtual Business Partners. Doreen founded Virtual Business Partners in 2006 as a solution for companies and business owners seeking specialized sales, marketing, and administrative support. Within its first year, Doreen had successfully built her business to a full-time practice.

Along with Doreen’s business experience, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, an Associate’s degree in Business Management, a Paralegal Certification, and a university-level Associate, Customer Service insurance designation through LOMA (Life Office Management Association). In 2006, Doreen was nominated for the 2006 Administrative Excellence Award, sponsored by OfficeTeam™, Working Mother Magazine™, IAAP™, Targeted Learning Corporation™ and Microsoft Learning™. In November of 2013, Doreen became a Certified Coach Practitioner in order to bring a higher level of service to her clients. In November of 2014, Doreen became a Certified Internet Marketer through the renowned Internet Marketing Association. In 2018, Doreen became a Certified Virtual Assistant with Coaches Console.
In April of 2009, Doreen was awarded the prestigious Business Entrepreneur Award from www.vanetworking.com. Doreen also served as an Executive Board Member from 2006 – 2008 for the Woodridge Chamber of Commerce. Virtual Business Partners is also a member of the International Virtual Assistants Association, the National Association of Executive Assistants, Virtual Assistant Forums, Virtual Assistant Networking Association, and the Financial Planning Association.

Doreen holds the following: Certified Internet Marketer (Internet Marketing Association); Certified Coach Practitioner; Certified Infusionsoft Partner; and Certified Virtual Assistant with Coaches Console.

Teresa Morinaga

Teresa Morinaga

IVAA Bookkeeper

Teresa Morinaga has been involved with IVAA providing virtual bookkeeping services since 2013.

She obtained degrees in both liberal arts and accounting through the University of Hawaii’s Kapiolani Community College and completed upper-level accounting coursework at University of Hawaii – West Oahu. While fully involved in school, work, and a young family, she served as a Pacific Region and Alpha Kappa Psi Chapter Officer in Phi Theta Kapa – Honor Society of the Two-Year College. Today, she continues to regularly support students in the accounting program at her alma mater.

Teresa noticed that the specific needs of sole proprietors and small business were underserved, particularly accounting and office services; and in 2003, she founded Perfect Bookkeeping and Office Services LLC. Clients consistently refer business associates to her, citing the reliability of her work. Moreover, her early adoption of technology allows Terrie to service clients in a virtual setting.

Her personal interests revolve around family, and the Hawaiian culture. She is a lifelong and voracious learner, a culinary adventurer, a farmer of endangered indigenous plants, a blossoming speaker of the Hawaiian language, and a nurturing Hula mother to two younger generations preserving this ancient art.

Cheryl Bruntel

Cheryl Bruntel

IVAA Membership Virtual Assistant

Cheryl, CEO of A-Z Admin Solutions, has been a professional Executive Assistant for over 30 years, having started in the days before PC was a household word. She has been the owner of a successful secretarial service whose clients included a government agency, doctors, lawyers, authors and the Jacques Cousteau Society. Cheryl spent several years as an event planner – handling the soup to nuts logistics for weddings, bar mitzvahs and corporate events. She also spent many years in “Corporate America,” having served as the Executive Assistant to top level senior managers at Fortune 100 companies.

Cheryl has been an IVAA member since 2016 and also volunteers on a number of different IVAA committees.

Although Cheryl has a very diverse skill set and is considered to be a “generalist,” providing back-office administrative support, her favorite thing to do is to answer emails (she considers herself to be an “email junkie!”).  She has also been accused by family to be a bit OCD when it comes to organization, which is a skill that comes in quite handy in this line of business!

Currently, Cheryl enjoys a rather unique lifestyle as an “RV full-timer,” where she lives, works, plays and travels full-time in her home on wheels.  She likes having different views to look at from her office window. And it’s great to live in a day and age where technology bridges the gap and keeps everyone connected!

Anna Jones

Anna Jones

Email Marketing Specialist, Social Media Specialist & Web Site Maintenance

Anna Jones of The Virtual Secretary (www.thevirtualsecretary.com) and The Virtual Link (www.TheVirtualLink.com) brings over 20 years of marketing experience to her role as a IVAA’s Social Media Marketing Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist and Web Site Designer. She started her virtual assistant business in 1997, long before companies knew the term “virtual assistant,” and long before companies embraced the idea of remote workers.

Anna has worked with a multitude of clients to help brand their business, design custom WordPress web sites, rank well in the search engines, capture leads, deliver courses, create successful marketing funnels, and deliver newsletters and broadcasts as well.

Anna is passionate about giving back to her community through service and volunteering her time.   She devotes her volunteer work to amazing organizations such as The Genesis Women’s Shelter, a shelter for battered women in Dallas; the WOWC Bike Run, which raises money for a women’s alcohol recovery center; and The Carry the Load organization, which honors and remembers our fallen military heroes.  These organization are very near and dear to her heart.

Anna can often be found in front of her computer, going down various rabbit holes of information overload.  Her interests outside of the office include gardening and riding one of her two Harley Davidson motorcycles.  She enjoys spending up to 4 weeks a year on motorcycling adventures across the United States with her husband. 

Volunteer Positions


The International Virtual Assistants Association is run by volunteers. We would love to have you join us.


  • Volunteer positions are open to regular members only.
  • You may volunteer for any amount of time, as your schedule allows.
  • Volunteers must be active volunteers for a minimum of 3 months in order to qualify for volunteer discounts.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please send an email to our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@ivaa.org. We currently have volunteer opportunities available including copywriter positions and more!

Let her know how much time you have to give and what areas you might be interested in helping out in, and she will be in touch with you to find out more.

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