Mission Statement

The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) is dedicated to the professional education and development of members of the Virtual Assistance profession, and to educating the public on the role and function of the Virtual Assistant.

IVAA’s Mission is:

  1. To provide access to the leading Virtual Assistant organization to Professional Virtual Assistants world-wide.
  2. To educate the general public and the business community on the role and function of Virtual Assistants.
  3. To promote and require high professional standards through member commitment to the IVAA Code of Ethics.
  4. To assist our members to operate their VA practices more efficiently and profitably by providing education and benefits to promote the entrepreneurial work ethic, strengthen their wealth creating capacity, and enhance general economic development.
  5. To build strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations to foster networking opportunities while promoting innovative and effective changes in the business culture to reflect the Virtual Assistance profession.
  6. To serve as a resource for businesses seeking Professional VAs by maintaining a free, easily accessible on-line database to simplify the task of locating the best qualified VA for their needs.

Sam SpenceI recently won a Stevie Award for Women In Business. This news was picked up by the IVAA team via twitter and today I have opened the mail to find a card from the IVAA board congratulating me on this achievement. It made my day.

I love our industry & especially IVAA. I have been a member since 2013, and don’t see a ‘non-renewal’ happening. To date, I have used my membership to grow my business via mentoring, the online summit, the extensive resources available via the file cabinet and have successfully passed the EthicsCheck Exam – something I am particularly proud of especially given the trust my clients place in me.

From the abovementioned, you can see why I am so proud to me a IVAA member, I even announce my membership on my business cards & email signature. Thank you for a great association that gives so much to its members.

~Sam Spence
Owner & Executive Virtual Assistant
Executive Virtual Associate™