“Go ahead and use my scheduling link, located below my signature, and grab a time for us to chat.”

How many times have you read that when working to schedule a call with someone? How many times did you wish you could write that same line and make your scheduling life easier? So many times that you finally made the move and signed up for a scheduler.

You chose Acuity Scheduling, but are you TRULY using it to your advantage?

More Than Just A Scheduling Tool

No more back and forth in email.  No more missed time slot offerings due to delayed replies and hello to bi-directional calendar syncing, which is a huge plus. But there is so much more to this tool than just being a scheduler.  There are so many features available that can help streamline your business; automation is the name of the game! There is a good chance you are not using them all to your advantage and that you are leaving several amazing, game-changing,  features on the table.

Did You Know?

Did you know…

  • …you can assign specific meeting types to have specific scheduling links
  • …you can can capture email addresses to build your list and get people’s consent to add them to your list
  • …you can integrate with so many other applications you are probably using daily
  • …you can create an email series for appointments that have been set all the way through to after the appointment has been held

This is just a taste of some of the features you may be missing out on!

Want To Learn More?

Join me as I explore these features and more great features on August 15th at 5pm EST during IVAA’s August Expert of the Month Session!


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