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Many articles have been written about the work/life/balance and blended lifestyles. Unlike work/life/balance, the idea behind the blending is to work, play and manage your life how and whenever needed. With work/life/balance, the concept is to separate those things from each other, very seldom deviating from your agenda.

Whether you currently manage your lifestyle through either of those ways or use an alternative, one thing is clear: in the 21st century, business owners live very complex lives and it’s becoming harder and harder to manage everything perfectly or on a set schedule. To that end, if you could find a way to get most things in your life done without tearing all your hair out, you might want to consider blending.

A great example of blending: A friend of mine is a Virtual Assistant who lives a very active life. She’s married, a mother of two, and manages to get things done for her family and business. She has several clients she’s responsible for and is a tech-savvy pro. If her children need s her, she stops a project at an appropriate time and tends to them quickly. For her, a set work schedule of “9 to 5” does not work for her, as deadlines for projects may need attention at night or from time to time on the weekends. With blending, she can move a project to a non-traditional time, take a hike in the mountains with her family on weekdays, and plan her week however she wants.

When deciding whether to blend business, play and family responsibilities, consider the following:

  1. Does your daily plan for business allow for a more flexible schedule when needed?
  2. Do you find that projects and work for clients lag in quality because you feel rushed to get things done?
  3. Is your lifestyle plan “boring,” doing the same thing over and over due to time constraints?
  4. Do you find that every time you make plans to play you can’t due to you being stuck at your desk?

Blending allows the freedom to switch from one area of what you do to the next without the limitations of being stuck in one timeframe.

My life is blended also. One day I may have back-to-back video conferences with clients, followed by a call with my services manager to finalize a client projects calendar, having lunch, folding clothes, booking a flight to a conference, and taking a long walk with my daughter to get some fresh air. The time is blended, but my business, work, and family aren’t neglected.

If you are a business owner and want to find the time to work and play at your own pace with your own schedule, blending may be the best choice for you.

Eunice Joshua ClarkeEunice Joshua Clarke is Principal and CEO of The Executive Advantage Virtual, an operations consulting and office management firm that supports companies in business development, infrastructure, systems, processes and back-office support. With over 25 years of professional experience as a consultant, administrator, office manager and writer, Eunice decided to create the company, which was born from an idea she had many years ago.  After speaking with employers who complained about contractors and employees being unreliable and not professional, Eunice wanted to do something to help repair the industry’s reputation by creating a high-quality remote business consulting and administrative services firm.  Eunice and her team have the expertise and business solutions necessary to be a supportive, professional partner to companies. More information about The Executive Advantage Virtual can be found on her website: