Welcome to the New Year! What a great time to plan for the future of your business, and make things even better than they were the year before.

Think of this time of year like a blank piece of paper. You get to start from scratch or revise and improve upon what you’ve already done.

So take out that blank piece of paper and start filling it in. If you’ve recently started your new business, but haven’t written your business plan yet, now is the time to do it. Have you been in business for a while, but feel the need to change course? Write a strategic plan!

In either case, you should take the opportunity to use the talents of your Virtual Assistant. After all, VA’s are business owners too, and many have written business and strategic plans of their own. VA’s can play an integral part in planning the future of your business.

Why work with a VA? Because both business and strategic plans are important. They can make or break a business, but creating one can also be extremely time-consuming. You may find that you’re going to need help.

So what are some of the things VA’s can do to help you strategize and plan?

  • They can help you with research. A VA can assist you with market research and help you find and analyze your competition.
  • They can offer you an objective opinion. Even if their business is different from your own, your VA can offer you a second pair of eyes and a different perspective.
  • They can help with your marketing plan. A VA can assist with planning your advertising, email, and direct mail campaigns and other marketing related tasks, which are all an important part of your business or strategic
  • They can assist with accounting and finances. VA’s with bookkeeping experience can help to create a budget. They can calculate your expenses, and help you draft financial statements.
  • They can help you with writing, editing, and packaging your plan. Your VA can assist you with editing the content of your strategic and business plans. They can also assist in packaging the final product for distribution if needed.

Whether you choose to use just one or a few VA’s to assist you with your business plan, take comfort in knowing that your Virtual Assistants are here to help. You don’t have to take on the daunting task of planning, budgeting, writing, editing, and packaging your business plan alone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established author who writes books for a living, or you own the donut shop on the corner. Everyone needs a business plan when are starting out, or they need a strategic plan to plot out the future. So what are you waiting for? Call your VA and start planning!

Julie StewartJulie Stewart is a Digital Marketing VA with over fifteen years’ experience in marketing for small businesses. Julie helps busy professionals promote their businesses and increase their online presence by coordinating their marketing needs, and assisting them with their websites, social media, email marketing and online content. To learn more about how Julie can help you increase your online presence, visit her website at www.jascreative.com.