[Member Only Event] How to Make Your Goals a Reality with Pamela Lewerenz @ Online Webinar
Jun 4 @ 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm

Title: How to Make Your Goals A Reality with Pamela Lewerenz

Description: When people visualize anything, it makes it much more likely for them to make it a reality. They see the vision in their heads and then take steps to make it happen. It’s how Thomas Edison improved the light bulb (he didn’t invent it as many believe). Edison did have a vision and stopped at nothing to see it through. Steve Jobs was another visionary, one who pictured how his products could help improve peoples’ lives. Visualizing your goals carries through on this same concept. You paint a picture of what you would like accomplished by a certain period. When you have that picture, you can determine what is necessary to implement it. Once you break down the steps to accomplish your goals, you can use other visualization tools to help you manage those steps. The key is not to get caught up in the process itself.

During this session, Pamela will share with you some concepts & ideas that will help you to make your goals a reality.

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