[Member Only Event EOM] Mindset in the Middle of Adversity With Terra Atkinson @ Online Webinar
Jun 18 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
June 18th
Topic: Mindset in the Middle of Adversity

Mindset is Everything, especially for busy entrepreneurs. How do you maintain a mindset of positivity and success when it feels like everything around you is falling apart? Strategies abound, but until your mind is ready to accept your success fully, all the strategies in the world will continue to fall short.

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Terra’s Bio:

Terra has been the owner of Terra Consulting Inc, an entrepreneurial consulting firm helping businesses in multiple arenas grow and scale in the online space since 2002. Terra has blogged at http://www.terratalking.com for over ten years, mainly retelling the story of her youngest daughters journey through a medically complex genetic metabolic condition, and her family’s ultimate breakdown and rise through that time.

I can also be found on Facebook at http://Www.facebook.com/terratalkingtheblog and @terratalking on Instagram.

She hosts a podcast named Terra Talking, available everywhere you listen to podcasts.