[Member Only Event EOM] Introduction to Mind Mapping for Business Planning With Pamela Griffiths @ Online Webinar
Aug 20 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
August 20th
Topic: Introduction to Mind Mapping for Business Planning With Pamela Griffiths

Working as a VA can be lonely, not just from the fact of being isolated from colleagues, but also from the limited opportunities available for brain storming ideas with others. It is all left up to you. Mind Mapping is a very useful tool you can use to implement the brainstorming and planning processes our isolation presents us with. It is an organisational tool, a planning tool, a learning tool and an indispensable tool for running your Management, your Operations and your Support business processes. Using a Mind Map to define the groups or clusters of actions you take on a day to day basis, you will see clearly those areas of your business where action is needed, where procrastination is leading to urgent decision making and where there is room for future planning. Every Mind Map is different. It is a creative drawing where you arrange these clusters and find order within them. In this one hour session you will learn the how, the what and the why of creating powerful Mind Maps with practical and immediately useful outcomes.

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Pamela’s Bio:

Pamela Griffiths comes from the world of education; Schools, Technical Colleges, Adult Education, IT Support, Bookkeeping, Small Business Consulting, Corporate Administration Support and Public Speaking. Her current research project is focused on the long history, technique, and applications of mind mapping to research and planning of all sorts. She has presented at Conferences and regularly runs Mind Mapping Workshops using both hands on paper and colored pens as well as training users in the skills needed to navigate digital mind mapping applications.