What is a Brand?

Your Brand is everything you say and everything you do to build, support and enhance the relationship you have with your Ideal Client. It is the commitment you make to your Ideal Client. It is every promise you make about your intentions, what your solutions are, and how you will deliver those solutions.

Whether you have been in business for 2 weeks or 20 years, your Brand is still what holds everything in your business together. Print or online, your Brand delivers on your promise to your Ideal Client. From your business card and your email signature to your website and PowerPoint presentation, your Brand is how you connect with your Ideal Client. It includes how you introduce yourself at a networking event, how you show up to a new client meeting and flows through to your ‘Thank you’ cards at close of business.

The good and bad news is that, whether you think you have a Brand or not, you do. You have put yourself out there and let your presence be known to the public. Your Ideal Client has already started to form an opinion of you and your business. They are starting to create a level of expectation about you and the solutions you provide. So, it’s not a matter of if your Brand exists, it is a question of how healthy is it. Is your Brand working for you in a clear and cohesive manner that draws your ideal Client into you, or is it destroying potential relationships by being inconsistent and unclear? By creating your RockStar Brand, you remove that uncertainty. Your RockStar Brand is all about claiming 100% of your Voice, connecting with clients who are 100% your Fans, and crafting a powerful message that shares your Vision and engages your Ideal Client and inspires them to take action.

Why does Branding Matter?

Your Brand will affect your level of joy. Take just a moment and think of that one thing that you absolutely love to do in your business. It is probably something that you can do in your sleep. It may be something that you would do for free if your business wasn’t depending on it. Now, what if you could do that one thing every Monday morning? In fact, what if you could do it all day long? How does that feel? Are you smiling?** Now imagine spending the majority of your time at “work” doing that one thing? That feeling, that joy welling up inside of you, THAT is what your RockStar Brand can create for you. Your RockStar Brand will create freedom, help to end your struggle of trying to do it all, and allow you to spend your time doing you love.

Your Brand will affect your profits. It can help you build solid relationships with people you love to have has clients. When you create clarity about who you serve, and connect with your Raving Fans, you will get to leave behind the deflating conversations about how much you charge per hour, do you offer discounts, and can you please consider “doing this one for trade.” Your Ideal Client will never question your value. They will engage your services well within your Genius Zone and you will make more money. You can stop trading hours for dollars and start charging for the value you provide. And because you get to spend your time doing more of what you love and working with more people that you love, you will dramatically increase your profits in your business.

Your Brand will affect your positioning. Your Brand will set you apart from anyone else in your industry and positions you as the expert in what you do best, what you absolutely love to do. Creating a RockStar Brand will deliver a clear message directly to your Ideal Client and develop a profitable relationship with them, thus solidifying you as the leader in the market place.

By creating a RockStar Brand that is uniquely yours, you will build upon a powerful foundation that evolves as you do, attract your Ideal Client, and creates a joyful, profitable business.

**If you are not smiling, perhaps even giggling a little bit, you are thinking of the wrong task. Dig a little bit deeper…it may be something you rarely get to do because you are so busy making ends meet, paying bills, making sales calls, and doing all the other things that keep your business running. If you can’t find a single piece of your business that makes your heart happy, then we really have our work cut out for us. **


Amber Griffiths, Your Brand by Design

Amber GriffithsAmber Griffiths is driven by the belief that every entrepreneur has a unique voice that only they can share! As an entrepreneur, Amber chaired the Education Committee for NAWBO, and is currently a member of EWomenNetwork, Public Speakers Association, and Women’s Coaching Association. She is a 2 time #1 Best Selling Author and was recently awarded the Best of the West in Branding Award.

Before launching her own business, Amber served as Vice President for Prudential Utah Real Estate for more than 8 years. She has spoken to audiences across the country to educate and support small business. Amber has spent more than 2 decades working with business owners and entrepreneurs, creating Brands worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. She is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs exponentially increase their profits, work with people that excite them, and revel in the genuine thrill of getting paid to do what they love to do.

Amber enjoys everything music related – attending live concerts, impromptu dance parties in the kitchen with her daughter, and singing anywhere the acoustics allow. If you spend more than 20 minutes with her, you will hear at least one movie quote and a handful of “Amberisms.” Amber highly recommends watching the movie Real Genius. It is 80’s, and wonderful, and will help you understand at least 20% more of her sense of humor.