Digital Designing for the Virtual Assistant comes in many different ways depending on the skillset. Some Virtual Assistants use the whole Adobe Software offering to do full graphic designs including professional quality desktop publishing.

Many Virtual Assistants use on-line products to produce social media posts or other graphics that everyone else can produce while photo editing and creativeness is lost. There will be occasions where a client wants more than what an on-line application has to offer which may cause a loss in revenue. This is where Digital Designing comes in because it is by done using a program that once the basic tools are understood the users creativeness can come out while satisfying the customer’s needs.

The nice thing about Digital Designing is the fact that you work with photos of your choice or with client’s photos. Learning how to take out unwanted parts in a photo or the removal of a blemish on someone’s face so that they have a great appearance, are just two of the tasks that can be done. The creation of unique images for Social Media and blog posts can be really powerful because people are visual. I know of one photo that was so compelling that the user had over 10,000 hits on their post and still after many years it is very compelling. Not everyone is going to have this happen to them but by being consistently creative, you too will start being in demand.

I want to stop the mystique in hearing the word Photoshop. Yes, Adobe Photoshop is the grand master of photograph editing and is expensive and with all of its features can make it a bear to learn. I bet what you might not be aware of is that there is a younger sibling to Adobe Photoshop and this is Adobe Photoshop Elements. Granted it doesn’t have all of the features of its big brother however it is powerful in its own rights. It also comes with a one-time price tag of less than $100 and can be installed on two devices. This in itself is a 150% improvement over the on-line products.

The reason that I talk about Adobe Elements is because there are options available that will add to your skillset that some of the other pieces of software don’t have. More people develop things like shapes that can be added to the software and in some cases, they may be free. For more blog posts on or photos that showcase Digital Designs check out –

I will be a speaker at the IVAA Online Summit on Friday, Oct. 21, at 1:45pm EST, be sure to come by and listen to more information about Digital Designing.

sandy-monizSandy Moniz is a Business Solutions Strategist/Imagineer who helps busy business owners establish and implement policies and procedures so their business runs smoothly without demanding a lot of their time. Sandy is a Digital Design Expert and created a limited edition book called “Living a Dream” which was not your typical table top book but one that included digital enhanced photographs. Sandy is an avid nature/wildlife photographer with over 40 years of experience but is truly passionate about using her photographs to create digitally enhanced works of art. She has many articles and photographs on along with articles/pictures published in Nature Photographer Magazine. On a trip to Zambia, Sandy visited a local village where she worked with the children teaching them all about digital photography followed by printing and distributing the pictures to all of the children.