What Every Client Needs Support With

By Ali Rittenhouse

As a Virtual Assistant, you work in an ever changing online world that tries to keep you on your toes and your knowledge sharp.

But there’s one secret service that will never go away, no matter what path that technology decides to take next. It’s been around longer than the first Virtual Assistant starting VA-ing.

Client’s will always need LAUNCH support. Always.

And a very important sentence to remember is that :: You can launch anything.

Whether it’s launching a new product, service, event or book.

The client or potential client is the expert at their thing, they need someone to be the launch expert for their business. By learning how to launch, you position yourself as an asset to any business, any size.

But that’s not even the best part or the best secret.

You see, launching encompasses all areas of marketing, sales and all things that create success in a business.

Learning how to be a launch manager naturally teaches you the exact techniques and tools of promoting and growing a business both online and offline.

Knowing how to help a client grow their business is an unspoken desire that all clients want in their Virtual Assistant or Business Manager but it’s also job security and help YOU make more money in your OWN business. Increasing your skills will generally increase your hours because you’re more available to support your client on the things they really need help with.

High-caliber clients didn’t get to where they are on their own. They had an A-Team of support behind their success.

Become a highly-sought after Virtual Assistant by learning how to manage launches.

Launching will teach you:

  • Step by Step how to build a list, take payments online, and manage affiliate programs.
  • The exact process to create funnels that convert
  • How to build social buzz and engagement
  • The real driver of sales :: marketing and promotion of launching

Every area that every client needs support with.

And one more bonus to leave you with…

Anything you learn for your clients, you can leverage in your own business. ANYTHING can be launched.