The First National Virtual Assistant Meeting in Venezuela, which was also the 1st IVAA VAC in the country was held on Saturday, December 19, 2015 and it was a huge success.

After a presentation about the history of the Virtual Assistant Industry in the country, we gave out door prizes courtesy of IVAA. Following, all attendees enjoyed hearing the experiences of Venezuelan Virtual Assistants from all over the country

At the end I had the privilege to announce the recent creation of the Virtual Assistants Association of Venezuela -ASOAVV – and introduce its Board of Directors, integrated by:

Noreida Sirit | Vice-President |
Lexie Ivanova | Secretary Publications |
Carmen Reinoso | Secretary of Finances |
Gley Aranguren | General Secretary and Legal Secretary |

Carmen Reinoso, Noreida Sirit, Gley Aranguren & Lexie Ivanova members of the Virtual Assistants Association of Venezuela -ASOAVV

Carmen Reinoso, Noreida Sirit, Gley Aranguren & Lexie Ivanova members of the Virtual Assistants Association of Venezuela -ASOAVV

And myself, Dessire Izaguirre as President and Secretary of Institutional Relationships.

As I explained during the announcement, this is an invitation to work. In order to achieve our goals as an association – among which is to spread the concept of Virtual Assistance in the country, we need the voluntary cooperation of other Virtual Assistants who will not only achieve experience and exposure but in the future will be eligible to be elected as part of the next Board of Directors of the Association.

We will also need the support of sponsors to carry out future events that will contribute to professionalize the Venezuelan virtual assistant.

Our website will be active in January 2016 and we will open the process of affiliation of members, which will have an annual cost.

Below the video of the announcement (in Spanish) broadcasted via Blab and available on Profesional Virtual’s Youtube channel:

Dessire Izaguirre is a Bilingual English-Spanish Virtual Assistant providing Social Media Management and WordPress Website Design services to clients located globally from her home office in Venezuela since 2012. She owns a VA business registered in the USA and the name of her business Top Global VA, reflects her belief that the VA Industry has no boundaries.

In 2014 she launched a VA Training Academy in to provide training to those interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant in Latin America.

She is also a former Director of R&D/Education of the International Virtual Assistant’s Association.