Are you hitting the income and lifestyle goals you set for yourself? Are you getting the number of profitable leads and clients you set out to get?


Are you still struggling, overwhelmed, and confused about how to reach the next level when it comes to getting more leads and clients?

You could be helping the people who need your help (and achieving so much more for yourself than you have right now).


You can remain the ‘best-kept secret’ in our industry.


There is just ONE REASON you are not where you want to be right now…

You don’t have the right system! Yes, it’s that simple!

Right now you are probably doing WAY TOO MUCH that is NOT getting you clients or making you money.

And wasting your time wishing/hoping/praying to get clients to consult and work with you will not lead to a successful Virtual Assistant business!

Spending precious time struggling to get new leads—who may not be the right fit for you anyway—and turning those ‘non-ideal’ prospects into paying clients may bring you some (temporary) financial relief, but will only result in much bigger problems down the road.

Trust me. I’ve been there.

When I started as a Virtual Assistant, and I needed money, I agreed to work with clients I KNEW were not ideal for me. Usually, I knew from the ‘gut feeling’ I had during my consults.

And take it from me, it’s awful when a ‘gut feeling’ of impending disaster becomes a reality.

These days I know to trust my instincts. And thankfully, those ‘gut feelings’ are now very few and far between.

These are the lessons I learned from that time, and which I now live by:

DO NOT work with clients who are NOT IDEAL and

DO NOT, under any circumstance, make any exception to this rule! (Yes, even when I need the money!)

When my ‘non-ideal’ clients became a problem, and I was miserable working with them, I was so much happier to give them a refund than I was to deposit their money in my bank in the first place!

Honestly, needing to pay a bill or two—even when I was broke—proved not enough justification to add even MORE stress to my life!

These days it’s a great source of pride knowing I’m attracting people I have no doubt I will LOVE working with. I hang up from my consult calls excited to help my new awesome clients!

But none of this happened to me by accident. And none of this ‘landed in my lap’ because I wished, hoped, and prayed for it.

There is a VERY SIMPLE process which I designed, developed, and implemented that brought me to a level of success I could not have imagined when I decided to be a Virtual Assistant.

I’ve been able to attract hundreds of leads (some ideal, some not), convert the ‘right-fit’ prospects into paying clients, get their consistent referrals and amazing testimonials, and build a hugely profitable Virtual Assistant business.

Pssst… IDEAL clients tend to work with us for a long time—AND send lots of referrals!

No doubt, throughout the world there is an endless supply of potential clients who need your help. And being ‘Virtual,’ you can work with anyone ANYWHERE. Remember, you don’t have to only work with clients who live in your local area!

If you’re not getting the business you want, then clearly it’s because you’re not getting in front of the right people.


jaimie skultetyOriginal Article Provided by Jaimie Skultety