What happens when a Virtual Assistant meets Gina Trimarco and her Barbie doll at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?

First of all, let me share how I met Gina and her Barbie…

Gina Trimarco was the Keynote Speaker for the International Virtual Assistant’s Association 2015 Annual Summit at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA.

The title of her presentation “Stop Being Tongue Tied – Improvise Your Way to Yes and Success” was already announcing it would not be the typical keynote. And that is exactly the first thing Gina said when she started her presentation “This is not the typical keynote”. She was right…What we learned was exactly the opposite of what many of us thought would guarantee success in our business and lives.

Gina shared 3 Secrets to Yes & Success

#1: Fail & Fail Often

  • Failure builds confidence

  • Imperfection attracts attention

Your failures allow others to see you as a human being and therefore makes them feel closer to you. Of course, as professionals we want to do the best we can in our business but if we make a mistake we should just acknowledge it and move on. Without making a big deal out of it!

Gina told us her experience when giving a conference about building a business plan. She had a group of people eager to learn how to create a business plan for their business and turns out the book she had prepared for the course had several spelling mistakes! Of course, some participants pointed this out to her immediately. Her reaction was to ask them for help to identify every single mistake for her and send her the book back so she could make the corrections. At the end, few of them did this. After all, her book did have mistakes but they did not have a business plan so who was in a worse position?

For those of us who are chronic perfectionists, Gina recommends to set a “day for mistakes” during which we should have fun making mistakes or “not being perfect” doing foolish things such as answering the phone saying “Goodbye”…Just please don’t do this with client work! 🙂

#2: Play & Be Playful

  • Sell Like A Child (don’t be childish)

  • Be open to fun

Children are insistent! They don’t give up easily and never take a no for an answer. The reason is because everything is a game to them, they don’t take anything too seriously!

#3: Adopt A Yes, And Mindset

Yes, And is a technique to manage objections that we can apply to our conversations with potential clients and in our personal relationships. The way to do it is:

  • Listen & Be 100% in the moment

  • Repeat Verbatim to Validate

  • Contribute to Collaborate

  • Always start with Yes

  • Don’t be a “no butter”

We did an exercise to apply the technique:

It should be done in 5 minutes and two people should participate. Either one starts by making a comment or statement while the other listens carefully. Then the other person should say “Yes” + repeat verbatim what the first said + add an “and” + make a comment to contribute.

The conversation with my partner Joyce A. went more or less like this:

Me: I’m tired.

Joyce: Yes, you’re tired and this information we are learning is amazing!

Me: Yes, the information we are learning is amazing and I’m getting a Coffee at the break to recharge batteries so I don’t miss anything.

And so on…

It is a very powerful technique, which I will be applying on my conversations with potential clients and family from now on.

Finally, Gina recommended that if we have problems to put in practice what we learned we can always carry around a Barbie doll to have something to talk about.

And that, was the key of all she taught us in this session: the Barbie to me represents mi internal child. And that is the person I will be recurring for advice to Yes and Success from now on…

This is what happens when a Virtual Assistant meets Gina Trimarco and her Barbie at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Dessire Izaguirre is a Bilingual Spanish-English Virtual Assistant providing Social Media Management and WordPress Design services to clients located globally from her home office in Venezuela. She is currently a member of 3 successful Multi-VA teams located in the USA and she affirms VA colleagues are her ideal clients. Her company’s name Top Global VA, reflects her belief that the VA Industry has no boundaries.

She recently launched a VA Training Academy in Spanish: www.profesionalvirtual.net to provide training to those interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant in Latin America.

She is also a former Director of R&D/Education of the International Virtual Assistant’s Association.