Google-Fu for Your Business Too

At the beginning of each year we all like to set goals, both personal and professional.  If you ask our counterparts throughout the business world what their goals are, beyond increasing profits, I am sure you will find the following common elements:

  • Increase communication with clients and colleagues
  • Increase productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Contain costs

My personal goal each year is to find the best way to make all communications as accessible as possible.  Google has taken this goal to new levels. In my Expert-of-the-Month presentation you will see firsthand how your presentation audience can get a live voice-to-text stream in your presentation. The feature will be used throughout the presentation.  At the end I will show you how to activate it yourself so that your future presentations will be able to reach a broader audience.

As a certified Google Educator, I have learned many ways to be able to attain a high degree of all four of the above goals using the Google Suite.  You may find the terms add-ons or extensions familiar terms, or they may be new, or even a source of confusion.  My aim is to show you some of the best ones.  As an example, I am quickly ‘writing’ this article using SoundWriter dictation which has a high degree of accuracy.  The easy integration of the many applications using various choices of extensions and add-ons make this one of the most versatile suites available.

I will walk you through the steps on how to create a form in Google Suites, then how to host it on your website.  Finally, wrapping up this integrated process by using the collected information in order to send merged emails from your new database.

See you soon at the January EOM on the 17th!


Diane Fisher

Diane Fisher

I live in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. My educational background is Bachelors of Business and Technology Education degree from Eastern Michigan University and a nearly completed Masters in Instructional Design. I have taught at the high school and community college levels, both in buildings and online. I am a Google Certified Educator in Levels 1 and 2, developer of professional development for teachers, a Dale Carnegie highest achievement award winner, Oz Principle certified, Quality Matters certified, and winner of the Michigan Virtual Innovator/Creative Educator Award. After retiring from teaching, but not yet willing to fully retire, it was time to become a business owner and start Fisher Assistant Services & Training. I have two focuses, the first is the VA, where my strengths are accounting, entrepreneurship counseling, career guidance, business applications, and communications. The second focus is where my true passion lies. I train the physically disabled in the use of communications using assistive tech. Where physical and occupational therapists are not trained to install software and hardware specific to the assistive tech they recommend, this is where my company steps in to make it all operational and provide training.