Networking, social media, marketing, connecting, follow up, SEO, forms, and procedures … these things and more are all important pieces of your business.

You probably read this type of thing everywhere when you go on the Internet:

Do this FIRST.

Do this BEST.

Pay for THIS.

Don’t pay for THAT.

The advice can be mind-boggling.

Help! What do I do next?

If you don’t have the confidence of an experienced business owner, it can be overwhelming and confusing. So what do you do? Maybe you freeze and just do nothing. Maybe you keep doing research.

Maybe you try this and then that and then go back to this again because you just don’t know what’s right.

If you are finding yourself overwhelmed or stuck, it’s probably time for a mentor.

There is so much value in being able to consult with someone who can take the guesswork out of your decisions.

A mentor can give you feedback that helps you move forward instead of staying stuck.

A mentor can help answer the questions that are blocking your success – no matter how simple or complex they are.

A mentor can show you where to get the resources you need to grow your business.

You can choose to find a mentor that you pay or one that is not paid. It’s up to you.

If you have a mentor that is not paid, be sure that you set up a schedule to speak with them regularly and that you have some kind of standard paperwork you use for goal setting and accountability. I have seen many VAs just ask questions via email or on the phone when they need it. For mentoring to be effective, you have to have structure.

When people ask me whether they should get a paid mentor or coach, or work with someone for free, I ask them what their goals are. If you just want general advice and someone to be able to occasionally ask questions, I think a free mentor can be a great idea.

But once you start to get really specific about what you are trying to accomplish with your business, I think considering a paid coach or mentor begins to make more sense than free.

It’s not for everyone, and sometimes you may feel that it’s not in your budget, but paying someone for their expertise can often get you where you want to go faster.

Coaches will offer you a structure and accountability and keep you on track because that’s what you are paying them to do for you. The key with either choice is to set a goal and a strategy to get there.

What kinds of things can you get done easily if you get the right kind of help?

You can:

  • define your marketing message
  • set your rates
  • strategize your upcoming month(s) of networking events
  • start a follow-up procedure that works for you
  • specialize your services
  • expand your business
  • build a free product or a marketing funnel
  • learn how to use social media effectively in your business
  • and so much more!

The goals are up to you.

If you are not sure you need to get help yet, first start by asking yourself what do you want to get done.  Then ask yourself what are the exact steps you need to get yourself to that goal.  If you don’t know the steps, then it’s time to get help.  If you know the steps but don’t know how to do them, same thing.

By writing down your plan– and the steps that you need to get there – you can see exactly where you need to get support and make a decision as to who the best person is to help you from there.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can not afford to pay for this type of service – the more targeted you get in your goal setting, the more you can see the return you will get on your investment… and your business will be more successful, faster.

So what do you need to do next? Write down what you want to get done, the steps you need to get there, then make your decision!


Tracey D'Aviero


Tracey D’Aviero is a veteran VA and Founder of Your VA Mentor. Tracey trains and mentors professional women and men who are brand new to the VA industry or who have been struggling to make their business successful. Her mission is to educate professionals on how to build and grow successful and profitable virtual businesses in the VA industry by implementing systems and smart principles. Contact Tracey for speaking engagements, group training or private coaching at