Hiring and Working Successfully With A Team

When your business starts to show growth, you quickly realize that you need help along the way. Hiring the right team for your business requires you to have a solid understanding of what your business does, why you do it, and what it needs.

As the owner of a multi-team business services company, I witness very relieved clients when they find a team that performs and manages their daily tasks and projects. At the same time, there are other entrepreneurs that struggle with “letting go;” allowing others to support them in the various areas of their companies. One of the hardest things business owners experience is getting comfortable with the idea of hiring professionals to do the things they don’t really have time to (or shouldn’t) do. I remind those clients that they are building their businesses to provide services or products to others, so making the room necessary for them to do that is one of the key components of having a successful business.

Tips for hiring and working with your team:

Delegate. I once had a business owner tell me that they didn’t want to bother me with doing some assignments first because they wanted to get them organized first. What?!?! That’s why your hiring the team member for…to get the tasks done because you don’t have the time to do it. The words “to delegate” is defined as someone who entrusts someone with a task or responsibility. In entrusting your team as professionals that are there to get things done, you can focus on the things you do best.

Write a Workflow Plan/Timeline List. Figuring out what you don’t have time to do may be easy, but putting those things in order by importance will make it a lot easier for you to delegate to your team. Create a workflow plan and timeline list for the daily (check bank account), weekly (back up computer), monthly, (unsubscribe to ads/email subscriptions) and annual (tax report reviews) responsibilities, then on a separate sheet, determine the type the professional you need to get it completed. If you are wrong with who would best do the work, the professionals you hire can help you determine that!

Appoint a Lead. You may not always be available for the check-ins, so hire one of your team members to lead your team. Office and project managers more often than not have the experience being assigned to check in with employees and contractors regarding where they are with projects, deadlines, payroll and other responsibilities. A project management software like Teamwork helps manage that as well. If you do not have an office or project manager hired yet, consider doing so.

Tweak if needed. If any of your team members aren’t getting all the jobs done that you hope they would, or they seem better suited for a different assignment, adjust where needed; tweak your plan. And if a team member isn’t getting what you need done, consider working with them by giving them more training, or if necessary, dismissing them from the team. Each team member must be there to play a role that supports the business.

Communicate. Make it a priority to keep in touch with each member of the team. Check-in meetings, weekly status reports, collaborative projects and other ways to connect and communicate creates a more cohesive, cooperative group. When speaking with team members individually and as a team, let them know that you appreciate their contributions and that they are part of what makes your business successful.

Plan to succeed. It can be scary to run your business alone, and with team members, it can be even scarier; especially when you’re not sure whether everything you want done, gets done. You may get discouraged when things are not going right or you need someone to redo a task or make changes along the way. But remind yourself why you got into business in the first place. One of those reasons certainly was to provide products and/or services that help others. I personally have found that if I eliminate the mental roadblocks and concentrate on the “why” I tend to re-focus for the better.

A successful business works well when you have a team.

Eunice Joshua ClarkeEunice Joshua Clarke is Principal and CEO of The Executive Advantage Virtual, an operations consulting and office management firm that supports companies in business development, infrastructure, systems, processes and back-office support. With over 25 years of professional experience as a consultant, administrator, office manager and writer, Eunice decided to create the company, which was born from an idea she had many years ago.  After speaking with employers who complained about contractors and employees being unreliable and not professional, Eunice wanted to do something to help repair the industry’s reputation by creating a high-quality remote business consulting and administrative services firm.  Eunice and her team have the expertise and business solutions necessary to be a supportive, professional partner to companies. More information about The Executive Advantage Virtual can be found on her website: http://www.execadvantagevirtual.com.