jaimie skultety

By Jaimie Skultety

Have you hit your limit for how much sleep deprivation is required to service all those clients? If you’re not ‘there’ yet, you WILL be. Trust me.

All the time you’ve spent trying so desperately to find new business and then one day it will come to this:

No time for any new clients (nope, not even ‘just one more’);
No time for sleep (too many clients, too much work, only one YOU); and
No time to implement new ideas for yourself or your clients.

And who suffers?

You guessed it—you!

AND your clients…

Those who were once overjoyed to have the opportunity to work with you are starting to feel the strain of your workload.

They will start sensing you aren’t as on top of everything (as you once were);
And they’re thinking of hiring another Virtual Assistant who is more energetic (as you once were);
Who treats them as if they’re the only client they are working with (as you once did);
Who takes hours to respond to emails rather than days (as you used to do);
Aside from how your clients may be feeling when your reach your ‘bursting point,’ how are YOU feeling?

Is this what success is supposed to feel like?

No. It’s not.

I can tell you how I felt when this scenario was playing itself out in my VA business.

I was utterly discouraged and worse; I was literally at my breaking point.

I worked so hard for so long to build UP my VA business, and yes, I finally reached the 6-figure income mark. I was super proud of my accomplishments, and my clients were all ‘sticking and staying.’ In fact, they were so impressed with me and the level of service I provided that they were telling their colleagues, family, and friends all about me. So much so that the income I was making JUST from referrals was blowing my mind!

Then.. like a freight train thundering down the tracks I started envisioning a catastrophic ‘doomsday’ scenario where it would all come tumbling down.

What if I were sick? How would my clients’ work get done? Surely, a week-long hospital visit could potentially be a deal-breaker for my clients, especially if I’m the only one they rely on!

How could I ever go on vacation? Shoot—I earned enough money to be able to do that, but I couldn’t fathom WHEN this would ever be doable.

Will I ever have time to take care of myself? Let’s face it, sitting at my desk for hours, days, and weeks on end, my weight was climbing, my stamina was nil, and even my mental clarity was suffering.

I started to wonder how I could excuse myself from my family obligations. Would my son understand that Mommy never has time to help him with his homework or take him to Little League practice because my clients’ work has become my life priority?

I had to step back and admit that the level of success I had reached was going to actually ‘do me in.’

How could I be masquerading as a successful entrepreneur while I am (literally) running on FUMES?

Ouch. That was such a bitter pill to swallow and—worse—I saw no way out of this ‘mess.’ I spent so much time figuring out how to attract clients and then when I dialed it all in, and my calendar was booked up with consultation appointments, and I was working with more than 20 clients at one time, I felt like it was all just ‘showing up.’ Ahhhh… success.

BUT I was M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E!

Even as I’m writing this, it’s all coming back to me… The heart palpitations, the three o’clock AM sessions at my desk trying to ‘squeeze’ in getting everything done I had promised to my clients, sending proposals (as if I needed any even MORE business). It was nuts.

I was on a hamster wheel… Rolling me straight to the nearest Urgent Care facility!

Again, you may not be able to imagine this yet, but when you finally get a taste of what it’s like to be a successful Virtual Assistant—you may feel it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  And take it from me, it will only get worse.

I got into this Virtual Assistant business to be successful, and when I finally reached the top of that mountain, I was wishing for the good old days of simply being able to sleep through the night.

BUT I ‘flipped’ the script…

and then everything changed for the better!

Yes, there is a solution, and the solution is TEAM:

Transformation plus
Effective Processes for
Accountability equates to
Maximization of Productivity (and profits!)

Yup, made that up myself! But, hey it says it all!

I’ve done this successfully and have a fantastic team in place for my business.

Having this support has been invaluable not only for my clients but also for the growth of my business and quality of my personal life.

I can help you with getting all this into place with great ease, for you, for your current clients, and new clients who come to work with you.

Let’s face it. We all need to sleep! So when you reach the ‘breaking point’ in your VA business (spending too much time being the DO-er for your clients plus managing your own business), it’s inevitable…

You will need to hire a qualified ‘subcontractor’ team to assist you in managing your workload. I’ve carefully vetted the professionals that are on my team. Now I help other VAs with getting the right people into the right roles, how to compensate them, setting them up for all your business systems, and how to get your team ‘up to speed’ so they have full knowledge, understanding, and implementation skills to achieve your clients’ goals.

When you’ve hired the right team player(s) into the right roles for your VA business, you’ll no doubt need a project management ‘system.’ During our IVAA Resource Recess, I will share with you the PERFECT all-in-one resource to manage EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of your business and your clients’ businesses.