It’s Possible!  The first step to making the impossible possible is believing that you CAN!

Guest post by Kristi Dear (an IVAA Online Summit Speaker)

When my hubby, great friends, and I were driving back into town after running the San Antonio 1/2 Marathon, we started talking about race times and fast runners. One of our friends, told us that one of the fastest full marathon times (which if you don’t know a full marathon is 26.2 miles) was done in 2:03! 2 hours and 3 minutes! Now that is fast! That is around 4 min per mile for 26 miles!!! We all started saying, “There is no way!” “That’s crazy!” “I can’t believe it” Then as I sat in the back I stopped for a moment, and said, “Well, It’s Possible!” We all started to laugh. It was true, and funny at the same time. Ever since that day, it has become something we say to each other when things seem impossible! We tell each other, “Well, It’s possible!”

That is true though, he did it! I learned it was Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai Wins Boston Marathon in 2 – 03 – 02 – That is an average of 4 minute miles for 26.2 miles! Wow that is truly amazing, and it’s possible. So here is a question for you. What makes someone accomplish what others see as impossible? What they believe they can do!

Our belief system plays a huge role, in what we can accomplish in life! If we believe that we can’t go any further, then we stay right where we are, and sometimes that place is a stuck, but If we believe there is more, we can do more, then we strive to go the distance, and we end up accomplishing more. In my many years as a personal trainer I have had some clients tell me that they just can’t! “I can’t do it. It’s too hard!”

They say while others have said, “Give me more! What’s next? Let’s do this!”

So how does one go from not believing they can, to believing they can?

  1. Affirm that you can. Our words are very powerful. What we say to ourselves everyday is a form of hypnosis. We self-hypnotize ourselves by the words we speak. So start with saying things like I CAN!, It is Possible, I believe in myself, I got this! Everyday I am becoming closer and closer to my goal! Speak words of encouragement and affirmation!
  2. Focus on all you have accomplished. So many times we have a goal, we complete that goal, and then want a bigger goal, and forget where we started! Look back and track how far you have come. Look at everything you HAVE accomplished, and focus on your success.
  3. Use NLP to overcome beliefs. If your belief system is just not that easy to overcome on your own, hire a coach who can work with you using NLP to master this. When I use NLP with my clients to overcome fears, phobias, improve confidence, motivation, change beliefs, they have seen results right away! NLP works with the root of the problem where belief and behavior patterns are stored.

*It’s up to us. It’s whatever we believe ourselves to achieve.

Remember It is Possible! Only if you believe you CAN!

Kristi Dear,

One day Kristi decided to make a SHIFT! She took back her personal power. She changed her mindset and changed her life. She lost 75lbs, created a SHIFT that would help her enjoy eating healthy and exercising. She started a women’s Boot Camp that has been successful for over 10 years. She was featured in Fitness Magazine, on all the Dallas local news channels, and created a Get Fit Kids exercise DVD that sells internationally. She now enjoys running marathons, eating healthy, and challenging herself to go the distance!  Her topic at the Online Summit is “How to Bring Out Your Personal Best in 5 Steps!

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Kathy Colaiacovo