In February the IVAA Board made the sad decision that the Live Summit in San Antonio May 8-10, 2019, will be the last Live Summit we host.

The Board made the decision based on lower and lower attendance each year which has also come with losses on the conference. The Summit has never been a huge money maker, but it can’t be an event that loses us a lot of money either. We have made the decision that we can no longer afford to host the event at a loss. It is also hard to book speakers to come at their own cost when we do not have enough people to make it beneficial for them. Unless we get an average of 60 or more attendees, we do not break even.

We have always tried to keep the Summit fees as low as possible in order to make it affordable for our members and non-members to attend. These events can be life-changing for those who attend, but fewer people have been taking advantage of this opportunity each year.

Not everyone values live events enough to take the time and invest in themselves to attend, which is understandable in some ways – new things can be scary to try. But sometimes taking the risk to try something new, like attending an industry conference like IVAA’s Summit, is a decision that can be life-changing. And, honestly, until you make it to one, you may never truly understand the value of these events.

Those of us who have been to one, two, five, ten or even more… we know you will be saddened by this (I am – San Antonio is #6 for me)  and our hope is that we can work to create other options and benefits that more of our members will value and take part in.

You can learn more about the decision and view the video announcement on the IVAA Facebook page, but we also want to make sure everyone understands that this decision does not affect anything planned for San Antonio. It will be a great event as it always is.

As part of the plans for this year, we also decided to reduce the conference fee back to the Early Bird price of $399 for members so that many of you will be able to join us for this last Summit. You can buy your ticket right up until April 15th. Click here to see all the event details.

This was a hard decision and please know we did not make it lightly. Ultimately it comes down to where we put our resources so that ALL members will benefit. With the continued declining enrollment this was the best decision for the association.

You can reach out to any member of the Board if you have questions, or contact me, the Events Director, Kathy Colaiacovo.