Regular Membership

As a Regular Member, you will be joining the ranks of professional Virtual Assistants who are currently engaged in operating a VA practice, as well as those who are just starting out. This membership may also include owners or presidents of multi-VA or team VA businesses. (Note: IVAA does not have company memberships; each member of your team must have their own IVAA membership.)

Not only will you receive all the benefits listed on the Join Now page, but by becoming a Regular Member of IVAA you will also receive the exclusive benefit of choosing one of the following three payment options that best fits your budget:

• Annual – $137 per year
• Semi-Annual – 2 payments of $80 each per year ($160 total)
• Quarterly – 4 payments of $44 each per year ($176 total)

Regular membership is an annual membership.
IVAA Memberships are non-refundable and renew annually.

Are you associated with a college or other school that offers a virtual assistant certificate program? Contact the Membership Dept. to find out more about our College Representative member category.

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Trial Membership

If you are looking to test out IVAA and its membership benefits, a Trial Membership could be just what you are looking for. This membership type gives you access to a few of our most popular benefits so that you can check out what we have to offer. This one-time option is for a three-month membership (90 days) and costs $44. After your three-month Trial Membership has expired, you can upgrade your membership and become a Regular Member to receive all the benefits that IVAA has to offer.

**Note: Trial Members – check our FAQs for how to upgrade to Regular membership

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Student Membership

Are you a student and pursuing an education as a Virtual Assistant? Starting your membership now while you are still in school is a great way to learn about all the resources that are available through IVAA to help get you started on the right track. Our Student Membership is valid for six months at a total cost of $37. This membership is renewable while you are pursuing your education. Once you are ready to start your journey as a Virtual Assistant, you can join IVAA as a Regular Member and receive all the many valuable benefits that this membership will provide on the way to your business success.

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We look forward to having you as an IVAA member!

Still have questions? Please contact the Membership Dept.