Calling all Virtual Assistants!

March 20th is the first day of Spring, and with the excess of snow the East Coast of the US and Canada have seen this Winter, and rain the West Coast has seen, we thought we would share a Jump into Spring Special Live offer with you!

Everyone needs a little fun in their lives and Spring time is one way to get into that mindset! Wouldn’t you like to take your mind there to the fun and celebration of all things new as Spring approaches? In doing so you will then find yourself joining us in Myrtle Beach in May and get right to business – Business at the Beach! (In 2019, we will be in San Antonio, Texas!)

I know, you are ready to stop reading this email now because we are talking about that IVAA Live Summit… the one you have no intentions of attending.  Well, I challenge you to continue reading this. In fact, I dare you to in order to try and refute what I am going to share with you.

If you are ready to take my dare, keep reading.

Most likely if you are not attending the conference this year because of the number one reason we hear from our Members.


Sure it costs money – everything in life does and this is the biggest roadblock we hear people talking about when it comes to the Live Summit – the money it costs to attend. There is the registration fee, travel, hotel and then ‘on the ground’ spending. You can expect to spend about $1,200 – $1,500 on average. That’s reality. You cannot hide that fact, and I like to be realistic so I never hide that.

BUT have you ever really thought about what this investment will get you in return?

Sure… you will see the three full days of learning from experts and other VAs – leaders in our Industry. People committed to teaching you skills and techniques to take back to your business to help you find more clients, and bring in more revenue – more money!

Most will argue, “So what, I can learn anything I want online!”

True… but it’s not the same. Learning in PERSON has an added hidden benefit many do not consider – the people.

When you are taking online courses, and in most cases multitasking as you let the videos run on your monitor, you are missing out – not only on true learning but missing the other people in a class room setting, the people you get to network with, bump ideas off of and get to know better. People are an invaluable resource in your business and the more in your network the more return on it you will see.

A Network of People is a Valuable Business Asset

Your network can not only provide people as a resource, but potential clients too.  It’s a known fact that people do business with people they know like and trust. The same goes for referrals, you refer people you know like and trust. At the Live Summit you will build that network and not only may it pay you back in referrals to you for business, but potentially direct hiring as well. IVAA has many members who have a Multi VA business and good subcontractors are always needed. When others get to know you, your skills, your personality and all the other intricate details we can learn about one another at a conference – this gives you an edge up on others as you will be top of mind with the people you meet here.

How Valuable can a Network Be?


I did think about all these things and the money when I was making my first decision to attend a VA conference back in 2009…and after reflecting on it, I decided the benefits of going were more than worth the cost and the loss of opportunity by staying home.

And I did go … it took me three credit cards, rooming up with 2 strangers and skimping on a LOT to go and also while there BUT it changed my life. I truly can say I would not be where I am today if I had not attended that conference.

opportunity in businessThat conference cost me $1500 and has paid me back so far almost 150 times what it cost me.  Yes 150 times, I have made over $225,000 in client income because of all the connections I made at that one conference.  (Truthfully, I actually thought it was about 60K, but I just sat down and tallied up all income made that stemmed from all connections at that one conference in 2009.) It is over 225,000 and that is shocking even to me. But what I did was look at my entire income and client list and any client I got from referrals made from clients that I signed because of that conference I added that in the total. It really made me understand how valuable those people and connections I made were.

The reality is if I had not gone, I would not have made those connections that ultimately brought me those clients and all that income and the people I know now because of it.  I also learned about WordPress and Blogging for the first time – those are now two mainstays of my business income.

So, I ask you again… if you have been thinking that the cost of attending the Summit is high, think again and look at it from what you could lose in opportunities.

That is my challenge to you. Don’t simply say it costs too much – look at it from what you could be missing out on and losing by not going.


We have many ways you can save money at the IVAA LIVE SUMMIT.

  • Breakfast and Lunch provided two days, along with coffee and breaks (2 days of Breakfast and Lunch saves you $$)
  • A fabulous Welcome Reception with Cocktail Hour (Cash bar) and Dinner (a full  meal = more $$ saved on meals)
  • Discounted hotel rates ($149 USD + taxes – be sure to book under our group rate for added benefits such as wifi and more)
  • The hotel rooms are at a great price and it’s easy to bunk up and room with others to save on the hotel fees. A shared room  can cut your costs of accommodations by a lot!
  • Swag bag full of giveaways and door prizes too!

All of this means less on the ground spending for you. (SAVINGS)

Are you ready to take your Opportunity and Jump into Spring with IVAA??

If you are… book your Live Summit ticket today and change your life and your business!

I truly hope to see you there… it will be worth your time, and money to get there, not to mention the great location!

So don’t miss this wonderful opportunity – I really cannot imagine my business and life if I had not taken that leap in 2009, it has absolutely shifted the direction my life took – and I am so grateful I had faith in me to JUMP!

Click here to sign up and Jump into Spring and into a new stage in your business.

Wishing you Virtual Success.

 Kathy Colaiacovo
Past President, IVAA
Owner, Pepper It Marketing Services