As a business owner, you know you have to sell something in order to become profitable. After all, you’re not a business if you aren’t making and spending money!

There is no doubt you are great at the services you sell. Maybe you’re even one of the best! So growing your business should be easy, right?

You know you need more clients to make more money.

You need more prospects to get more clients.

And yet, most business owners get hung up on sales.

The truth is, without sales your virtual business won’t last long. And if you’re ready to grow, the quickest way to do it is to increase sales.

If you want to make profit launching shifts in as a virtual assistant, get ready to put your sales cap on and get to work on these 4 simple steps that every entrepreneur must follow to make more money.

1. Know What You Sell

It will be nearly impossible to make more money in your business if you haven’t identified exactly what it is you’re selling. I call this your Brand Delivery.

How do you deliver your solutions to your clients? Do you have a specialty or do you offer general administrative services?

These are your revenue streams! This is exactly how your business earns an income. Get clear on exactly what you’re going to offer before you attempt to sell it.

2. Pricing What You Sell

The first thing your prospective client is going to ask you is how much your totally awesome service or product is going to cost. Clarity around this will come from understanding your Brand Position.

Do you have packages or are your services a la carte? Do you flaunt affordable prices or are you more high end?

Clarity around this will help drive up your confidence, give you direction and simplify your offerings. Knowing what you sell and for how much will accelerate your sales growth!

3. Making Sales Calls

If you’re like many entrepreneurs I know, you will do anything and everything before you tackle this step! I get it. It can be uncomfortable. Yet, it’s the quickest one to help you reach your financial goals!

Make contacting new prospects a part of your daily routine and set daily, weekly and monthly goals for yourself. By believing in the value you offer from your services, you will bring a confidence that will make you irresistible to your ideal clients.

The bottom line: make more sales calls! (or what I like to call “service” calls)

4. Closing The Sale

You cannot close a sale if you do not make an offer! Every sales call should end with you asking for your prospective client’s business. Be real about your offerings and prices and be prepared to answer any questions and overcome objections.

The order of these steps is important!

You cannot jump ahead to find success sooner! Even more importantly, the work isn’t done once you’ve been through them a time or two or even ten. The most successful virtual assistants will consistently check back in with step 1, evaluate and adjust accordingly to keep growing. (Just be careful not to stall out by being indecisive on this step. Get clear. Be decisive. Take action!)

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Jena Rodriguez, a Brand Strategist, Business Coach and founder of Brave Masters (previously Brand With Jena) is committed to boosting brand clarity, catapulting profits and unleashing the potential of entrepreneurs internationally. She takes you from so-so to WOW in your business! She teaches service based business owners how to capitalize on their “natural” abilities, & package and price their greatest strengths so that they can create a money-making, world-changing brand. Jena has helped clients surpass multiple 6-figures and 800% increases in their business while generating over $1 million in 4.5 years in her own. Connect with her in her FB group of entrepreneurs at and on most social media outlets.