Quickest (or Fastest) Way to Lose a Client (and how to retain them)

by Ali Rittenhouse

When a client hires a Virtual Assistant – they are looking for a partner for their business. Someone that not only can help implement and support them but someone who looks out for their business, makes recommendations, and manages their business!

They are hiring their VA to ensure it all gets done.

The fastest way to lose a client is by not getting anything done, by not utilizing their hours, and not supporting them at the highest level possible.

If a client hires you as a “Pay As You Go” client, it’s most likely because they’re unsure how much time is needed for their business or because they are ensuring you’re a good fit for their business.

If you’re NOT supporting them and not using time, how are you ASSISTING them?
How are they ever going to grow as a client?

If they hire you as a ”Retainer” client, they are committing to you and you MUST commit to them.

It is up to YOU to utilize their hours, not for them to deliver work to you.
They’re not the expert Virtual Assistant, YOU ARE.

Not sure HOW to utilize their hours? Start with these 4 steps.

  1. Ask what they’re STRUGGLING to accomplish
    If you can help them scratch items off their procrastination list, things they’ve been avoiding for longer than they care to share, you’ll instantly be the hero in their eyes. If you can’t get the job yourself, be their liaison to someone who CAN.
  1. Get their TOP 10 Lists – Dream Tasks DONE and Goals for the YEAR
    Being hired as a Virtual Assistant doesn’t have to be about scheduling and administrative work, you can make it look like whatever your skills allow.
  1. Find out what dream Partnerships they’d love to have + Publications they’d love to be featured on
    They may not know { you may not know } but growth and scaling start with partnerships and publications. Helping your client build partnerships and be featured in publications is easier than you might think too.
  1. Be their Proactive Marketing Director
    Sounds like a fun new title for you, right? The BEST thing you can do as a Virtual Assistant is be proactive in anything you do. Helping your client be and STAY consistent in their marketing will help set you apart. Once you understand the layout of the calendar, how to create a content library, and how it flows into their funnel – you’ll be able to use it with EVERY SINGLE CLIENT.

With these 4 areas, you’ll never be short of work to do for your client each and every month.

And the client will be IMPRESSED with your PROACTIVE sense of support. One of the greatest strategies you can learn is to see what your client needs before they even know they need it.

Help ensure you never lose another client again because you’re not utilizing hours.

Ali RittenhouseAli Rittenhouse – Tech Cheerleader, Digital Diva + Empress of Online Empires.

The Geek Labs Virtual Assistant Training Program was founded in 2010 when Ali was a very well-known and respected “Techie Virtual Assistant” to high-end clients.

She saw a lack of Virtual Assistants offering services that helped the client truly grow their business, which is really the support that high-end clients need.

The VA Training Program specializes in helping to create successful Virtual Assistant Businesses. This all-in-one program is complete with the exact skills clients need and are looking for, paired with the how-to steps to set up a successful online business.

When we awaken our inner geek, the income we can earn – and the impact we can make – is beyond our wildest dreams. Ali has built her very own online empire from her small-town home, helping women ’round the world go from totally tech-phobic to full-tilt Geek-Ali-Cious – with tools & techniques that create buzz for your business, while bringing you toward your boldest potential.

Technology makes everything possible. So, what’s possible for YOU?