Save Your Business Money with a Virtual Assistant Team

Congratulations! You are a business owner! You’ve survived the planning and start-up phases and the initial pains of growing your business.

You are now rolling along, actually making money from the business you have always envisioned, but now you realize that administrative “to-dos” are filling up your day. You no longer have the ‘luxury’ of working ON your business. Many hours of your billable time are being spent working on administrative tasks, actually causing you to LOSE money. Did you realize that by building a team using Virtual Assistants (also known as VAs), you can actually SAVE your business MONEY? How can that be?

If you ask any successful business owner what they believe the main reason is for their success, 9 times out of 10, the answer will be … building a great team! Effective team building means more engaged collaborators, which is not only good for your company’s culture but, it helps boost your bottom line as well. You may be under the impression that hiring contractors is an expense you can’t afford, but, read on!

Building a team for your small business doesn’t have to be people punching time clocks on your payroll.  In today’s digital world, you don’t need the physical infrastructure of traditional business — no storefront, office, furniture, parking or even full-time employees.

Small Biz Trends wrote an article recently entitled, Take Advantage of Virtual Assistants – See 4 Reasons Why. In this article, they explain how hiring a VA can reduce costs and allow you to better utilize your time.

Do you realize that many of the administrative tasks you currently spend time working on, are preventing you from actually GROWING your business?

Enter Virtual Assistants! When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you don’t have to worry about payroll, sick leave, providing workspace or equipment. Payment to a VA is for actual work completed, at the rate you both agree upon in advance. By contracting with a VA, you can free up your time to concentrate on the business activities that only YOU can handle!

Contracting with a VA frees up not only your TIME, but it also frees up your MONEY (no need to match tax payments, provide workspace and equipment, medical benefits or paid time off, etc.).

Let’s say your hourly rate is $200/hour and it takes you approximately 2 hours to calculate your business expenses each month:

$200.00/hour x 2 hours = $400.00

Let’s also say that a contracted VA charges you $40/hour for a package of 10 hours each month:

$40.00/hour x 10 hours = $400.00

In the example above, let’s assume you hire a VA to handle, not only the business expense calculations that has been taking you 2 hours a month; but, also to handle your Social Media Management, as well. For the cost of 2 hours of YOUR time, you could get 5 times as many hours of service from a professional VA!

If you are ready to contract with a VA but don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place! With a professional organization like IVAA, you can easily locate the assistance you need from the best, highly-skilled VAs in the business. It is that easy! If you are ready to SAVE money and time, click here to access our active IVAA RFP board and post your business needs! Our VAs will contact you with their proposals without delay.

Here’s to your continued business success!

Karen Kannegiesser virtual assistantKaren Kannegiesser is an online business resource assistant with over three decades of C-suite level executive administrative and supply chain expertise. She has many years as a strategic MRO buyer for a large specialty chemical manufacturer, as well as an extensive background in database management, project management, contract administration and business continuity/disaster recovery