VA’s as Business Owners and Six Characteristics that Define Them

If you work with a great Virtual Assistant (or VA), then you know how hard they work for you. You know how professional, detail-oriented, and reliable they are. They take what they do seriously and they want to do a good job for you. Taking care of clients is not only their job, it’s their business. Like you, VA’s are small business owners.

In fact, if you talk to a few established VA’s you’ll find that they have business plans, marketing plans, and business licenses. They manage their own workloads, keep their own books, network, and publicize their businesses.

But every VA is different. They start out in the Virtual Assistant industry with different talents, skill levels, and professional experience. But what many of them have in common is a drive to succeed, and they exhibit the same common characteristics that can be attributed to other small business owners.

So what are some of these characteristics?

  1. They put their clients first: Anyone who is driven to have a successful business always puts their clients first, and VA’s are no different. That’s why many of them started their businesses in the first place, to provide services that would help other business owners.
  2. Resilience: VA’s are independent contractors, so they have to be resilient. They experience times when business is booming, and other times when it is not. Many VA’s find other ways to make income during the slow times by setting up affiliate programs on their websites, writing eBooks, creating courses, or finding other forms of passive income to help fill in the gaps when it’s slow.
  3. Flexible and Focused: VA’s want to do their best to provide consistent, quality work. Creating a balance so they can focus on each client individually and stay organized is important. Plus, having multiple clients requires flexibility due to multiple projects and deadlines.
  4. Tech Know-How: Because most VA’s are remote workers, they rely on their computers and the technology that comes along with it. They are always looking at the latest software and apps to use for their businesses. Many of them are active on social media and try to stay up-to-date on the latest updates and changes on various platforms.
  5. Invest in Themselves: If you have ever looked at IVAA’s website, you’ll see opportunities for Virtual Assistants to network with each other, and attend webinars and online courses where they can learn something new for their businesses. VA’s are always looking to keep their skills up to date and to make sure they are learning about the latest tools and apps to help their clients and to run their businesses more effectively.
  6. Planning Ahead: Successful business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking forward. VA’s are no different when it comes to looking ahead and planning for the future, by updating business plans and revising strategies.

If you’re running your own business, then you may find that you have more in common with your Virtual Assistant than you thought before. Working with a VA can bring value to your business not only through the services they provide but through their understanding of what it’s like to be a small business owner.

Julie StewartJulie Stewart is a Digital Marketing VA with over fifteen years’ experience in marketing for small businesses. Julie helps busy professionals promote their businesses and increase their online presence by coordinating their marketing needs, and assisting them with their websites, social media, email marketing and online content. To learn more about how Julie can help you increase your online presence, visit her website at