As Virtual Assistants, collaboration is crucial. You need to collaborate with your clients and teams, and you need a place to safely and securely store all kinds of documents. But perhaps you already have a system/tool you use for collaboration – well, SkyDrive is perfect for your personal document/photo/video/etc. storage needs too!

Many people use or have used DropBox and Google Docs as simple and effective collaboration/storage tools. Microsoft SkyDrive has rich features including the most free storage, the ability to collaborate on documents in real time, free use of Microsoft Web Apps, and a safe, secure and effective backup system.

In addition to these features, you’ll have anywhere access to your documents and folders with an Internet connection. To satisfy your need for documents on your mobile device and other platforms, Microsoft has developed apps for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android, so whatever your device preference is, SkyDrive can help you or your clients.I will be walking you through the features of SkyDrive and provide some real life examples of ways to use it to collaborate with your clients or team.

Here’s What We’ll Go Over

·      Where to go to download & install

·      Look at feature options to install or not

·      View SkyDrive on Windows Explorer and the Cloud

·      Best/fastest way to upload

·      Views of your documents in the cloud and where to find information on what’s there

·      How to easily share various documents and folders

·      How to find the documents someone is sharing with you

·      How to navigate SkyDrive and perform file purging, moving, uploading, downloading

·      Ways to sort and view your files/folders

·      Tour on how SkyDrive is integrated with email, Calendar, People and Microsoft Web Apps

Mobile Features

Mobile is key for many of us or for our clients. There has been some discussion on the IVAA forums recently about the ability to use Microsoft Web Apps on your mobile device. We’ll go over what features are available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

Security in the Cloud

How secure are my documents in the cloud? With the recent attention over who can get to our documents, this may be of interest. We’ll go over the major cloud players and what they offer in the way of security and lock down of our documents.

Comparison Chart

Here is a great chart I found at Aptera Software – a site that has conducted free webinars on Microsoft products. The image is clickable if you’d like to check out the article going along with this.