The answer may be narrowing your market.

In the medical world, specialists make more money than general practitioners. The same holds true for the virtual assistant industry. It is true that the riches are in the niches!

So what exactly is a niche? A niche is simply your area of expertise – your specific specialty supported and strengthened by your education and experience.

Having a niche not only defines you as the known skilled professional in your field it also helps provide a path to create an effective, well designed marketing plan targeted to a narrow segment that is comprised of your ideal clients.

It can be frightening and feel limiting to suggest that you narrow your market, especially if you are struggling already. But a narrow market can actually bring in more clients who will pay more for your services. Here are a few reasons:

  • Specializing enables you to market your services more effectively and showcase your skills and qualities in a more confident and professional manner.
  • It is easier to be very clear about who you help and what you do for them. When you say you can help anyone it is hard for potential clients to identify with you.
  • When you have a specialty, you can learn the language and problems that are unique to your market. When potential clients hear you speaking their language they are more confident that you can help them.
  • Specializing makes it possible to focus your own learning and training so you can become a real expert in your field.
  • When you can be very specific about your ideal client it makes it much easier for your network to know who to refer to you.
  • Clients are more willing to pay a higher rate for an assistant who has special skills and understanding of their industry.

So how do you find the right niche for you? My own search for a niche led me to work with authors as a key member of their team. Here are some things to consider as you choose your niche:

  • What skills do you already have and what kind of work do you enjoy doing most? Are you a problem solver or good at managing details and  coordinating projects?
  • What are your passions? What kinds of work do you enjoy doing? What industries are most interesting to you?
  • Is there a demand for services within the industry? For instance, the publishing world is changing and more authors are choosing to self-publish. That means that there are a lot of people looking for help to manage all the details that are required to bring their book to the world.
  • Is there a training program available to learn more about the specific skills needed to serve your chosen market.

Professional Author’s Assistant

The publishing industry is a whole new ball game for most authors and even if they have had experience with traditional publishing there are many parts that are taken on by the publisher that must now be done by the self-publishing author. One of the most dangerous things about undertaking self-publishing alone is the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know.

What are all the steps involved and in what order should they be done? How quickly can the book be published? How much money should it take to publish? What are the options for printing and distribution? How do you decide the price of the book?

A Certified Professional Author’s Assistant can answer many of these questions and help coordinate the publishing process from beginning to end. They have been trained in the process of self-publishing and can be an invaluable source of information and a guide to help assure that you publish a professional quality book. Think of an Author’s Assistant as part consultant and part project manager.

Take a leap of faith and declare a niche for yourself and focus your marketing to those people to see your profits grow!

Janica Smith & Michelle Mack

Instructionsmith Enterprises, LLC