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How A Country Girl From Arkansas Ended Up In Myrtle Beach with IVAA

I attended my first IVAA Live Summit in 2012 in Memphis, Tennessee. I was brand new to the VA industry, and I walked in not knowing a soul. For a shy, small town girl, that was a very big step outside my comfort zone. But I went. I learned, I trained, and I networked. And […]

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Is it Worthwhile to Attend a Virtual Assistant Conference like the IVAA Live Summit?

Many Virtual Assistants wonder if attending a conference can help their business. Recently on an IVAA Peer Discussion Group call, this question came up from a new Virtual Assistant. We’ve all been there in our business and money is tight at the beginning so it can be hard to justify spending up to $1500 to go to […]

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A smidgen of Philly for your #IVAA13 Live Summit Planning

What’s so great about Philly…besides the IVAA Live Summit? Oh, lots and lots of things! Did you know there are 67 National Historic Landmarks in Philadelphia?!  As a child growing up there, we took class trips to just a few of them, but I certainly have a deeper appreciation now for these treasures than I […]

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Our First Winner for the IVAA Online Summit!

The IVAA Online Summit Committee has been getting all the plans in place for our Annual Online Conference for Virtual Assistants and Professionals. It has been a very busy few weeks behind the scenes at IVAA.  We have two full days set aside for learning, training, networking and more, all being held on October 25th and 26th.  We always encourage […]

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6 Personal and Business Benefits to Attending an IVAA Online Summit

Different people attend the IVAA Online Summit for different reasons. For some, it’s a time for learning new skills. For others, it’s an introduction to software, a niché, a speaker, or a specialty services area that’s held some curiosity. And for many, it’s a time to connect with like-minded colleagues for an inspirational-ramp-up-your-business motivational two […]

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