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How to Find a Mentor

When people say, “Experience is the best teacher,” they generally mean one’s own experience.  Maybe no lesson is learned so well as the one you learn yourself — the hard way — but I prefer to learn as much as possible from someone else’s experiences.  It’s possible to build a successful business without one, but […]

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2 Dangerous Questions VAs Ask About Contracts

As savvy VAs, we know we should have a contract our clients sign.  But there may be times when we wonder if it’s truly necessary for a certain client because we know them.  There are many reasons why a VA should never work without a contract.  In this article, I’m going to explain why there […]

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Three Documents You Need When Working with a VA

A few years ago, I witnessed a near-disaster that could have been prevented with just a little bit of organization and a plain 3-ring binder. The controller at one of my client’s companies passed away suddenly.  No one could find the passwords for QuickBooks and other apps she used.  There were regular reports she produced […]

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