The Fear of Delegation

Believe it or not, the photo below is not a stock photo. It’s my to-do pile on my desk and my “really need to do right now” pile on my other workspace.

To Do

My name is Molly and I am a total control freak!

I love my business and truly believe that I am really good at it! However, the success I’ve had comes with a price. And that price is the toll it’s taken on my other business – managing myself and my household.

My husband has begged me to start hiring subcontractors to help with my business. Isn’t this a no-brainer for most? Hire someone to help with the work, market and retrieve more business and in the end – make more money. Isn’t this the way it’s supposed to be? For some reason this has been one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make for my business. I trust absolutely NOBODY. And because of this – my business and my personal life have become so overwhelming that I am bound to fail at something. And as of late, it’s my personal to-do list.

I admit, I have a ton on my plate. I’m a business owner, a stay at home mom, a wife and a manager of my household. My days consists of client calls, client work, carpools, playdates and most recently wiping running noses, cuddling a feverish child and cleaning (okay not really the cleaning part but I’ll just pretend. Sounds good, right?:-) ). I have absolutely no time to market for new business, take care of my personal bills, exercise and paperwork etc. My sleep has even been affected because I am working late into the night. Hello? What happened to work / life balance? Isn’t this why a large percentage of us left the corporate world?

Being a mom and wife cannot be delegated. Either can exercise (I wish), being healthy or much needed sleep. However, the rest of it can.

November is here. A new month, a new bill cycle, a new start and I am ready to challenge myself. I am letting go of my fears and starting the process of hiring someone to help. I am ready to DELEGATE (a word this entrepreneur really dislikes)!

Molly Scialabba

Well respected by her clients and colleagues, Molly Scialabba is the founder, owner and CEO of Online Business Management, LLC. Her company specializes in doing all those little things that make the big things possible. Molly’s work experience started in Boston, MA as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager for a specialty equity investment management firm. In 2005 she changed her course, made her way down South and had a successful career in new home sales. Five years later, Molly was married to the love of her life and about to start a family. She created a business that would fit within her new lifestyle as a Mom. That business has grown into Online Business Management, LLC whose clients include world-renowned speakers, authors, coaches, CEO’s, consultants and business owners.