Have you ever worked with a client who simply isn’t making enough money to pay you? Maybe you’ve even had to chase them down, deal with declined credit cards, and even worse, deal with the guilt because you know your pay is adding to their debt?

It’s a weight many virtual support professionals can relate to – and even though you know it’s up to your clients to make money, it is hard to feel successful

An alternative to this frustration is to work with high paying clients that already have successful businesses. These clients, as you can imagine, are in high-demand by all of us!

If you really want to work with high-end clients who will happily pay you each month for doing great work, you need to be prepared to give them what they want and need from you.

Here are three things high-end clients demand from their virtual team members:

1. High Paying Clients Want: PROACTIVITY

We like to call this the 3 steps ahead plan. Whatever the task is now, whatever the plan is now… get 3 steps ahead of it.

Successful entrepreneurs, the ones who can easily afford to pay your invoices, are extremely busy folks. They can’t possibly be thinking about every detail. In fact, they are generally thinking about next week, month, year. For you to really prove yourself useful to them, you must show them that you are proactive. You need to be able to keep up.

Ask questions, send reminders, follow up! Don’t wait until there is a fire emergency to get the answer you need to be successful in the project you are doing.

Be purposeful in staying 3 steps ahead of them and they will not only do whatever it takes to keep you around they will sing your praises to their colleagues who are generally other high paying clients.

2. High Paying Clients Want: EXPERTISE

Entrepreneurs at this level are done with the bootstrapping, let’s figure it out as we go, cheapest option available. They really want folks who are experts in their specialties. Experts give strategy, solve problems, create solutions, and implement to get results.

High paying clients do not want to have to ‘tell you what to do’. They want you to know what needs to get done and they want you to roll up your sleeves, get in there and do it.

Bring your expertise, experience, training, to the table and stand confident on it. This is how you get respect from clients. This is how you get clients to value your work and your contribution.

3. High Paying Clients Want: DEPENDABILITY

To be honest with you I wish I didn’t even have to list this one here… but the truth is some folks in our community have been less than trustworthy. They are the great Houdini’s of the virtual world, with their late turnaround, broken promises and disappearing acts.

I get that most virtual support professionals started their business because they wanted freedom. However, freedom does not mean being flaky with clients.

High paying clients will not hunt you down. If they feel they need to, they will NOT be your clients for long. When you leave someone hanging on a task, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth and really doesn’t matter what the reason was.

If you want to work with high paying clients and you are ‘done’ with chasing money for work, bring these 3 elements to the table in your next conversations with potential clients.

Tina ForsythA formerly overwhelmed entrepreneur and recovering control-freak, Tina Forsyth is passionate about helping conscious CEOs and entrepreneurs build a business that can run without them. As the author of The Entrepreneurs Trap and creator of the CEO Business School, Tina teaches transformational leaders how to get the right systems, team and leveraged revenue streams in place for profitable and sustainable success. Tina also founded the International Association of Online Business Managers and is the creator of the Certified OBM™ Training– the only program of its kind to train high-end virtual managers.