Is it just me, or does anyone else think it seems there are 14.2 bazillion apps out there designed to simplify this or that for business owners?  There’s so much out there vying for our attention, I find it easy to just ignore all the noise their marketing campaigns create and only go in search of an app when I get ready to solve a particular problem for me.  Happily, I’ve recently discovered several tools that solve needs I either didn’t know I had or didn’t think were possible to solve!  So today, I’m sharing three of my favorite new tech tools no business owner should do without.

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tech tools mouseflow

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall of people visiting your website?  If you’d love to have more information than just how long people spend on a page, Mouseflow can give it to you.

This stealthy little tool is like having a recording of every visit to your website.  It allows you to see everything from where visitors click to where they move their mouse and how they scroll.  It also generates heatmaps so you can see what parts of your website are getting the most attention and what elements are being overlooked.

If you have a new lead magnet that isn’t generating the traffic you hoped for, Mouseflow can help you figure out why.  You can use that information to improve the layout of your pages for better visibility and higher conversion rates.

Mouseflow’s free plan that allows you to record up to 100 sessions a month on a single domain.  Upgraded plans start at $24 per month.



tech tools crystal

Have you ever concluded a meeting with a prospect knowing they wouldn’t become a client because you weren’t able to make a connection at all?  Like you weren’t even speaking the same language?

Years ago, I bought this book to help me quickly size people up so I would know how to speak with them and adjust my presentation to harmonize with their communication style.  It’s a fascinating book, but some of the things it teaches aren’t possible to do in an online meeting or phone call.

Enter Crystal.  Crystal analyzes a prospect’s online presence and tells you how they like to communicate.  It provides personality insights that will let you know whether you are dealing with the analytical type who cares about the “why” behind all the details or the big picture type who prefers to focus on bottom-line results.

Crystal has a library of email templates categorized by communication styles.  If you use Gmail, it will even make suggestions on how to word an email for a particular type.  There is even an assessment that will analyze your own communication style and offer advice on adjusting to others’ preferences.

A free account is available for personal use, and business upgrades start at $19 per month.



tech tools

I don’t have time to sit down and read all the business and personal development books I’d like to.  Instead, I have an Audible subscription I use for that purpose so I can listen on the go.  Well, at least that’s the idea.  I am currently up to seven unused credits (one per month) because, hello, 2020 happened!  That is why I am so excited about ReadItFor.Me.

Other book summary services distill the core content of a book into a 2-page list of boring-to-read text that is so condensed it’s hard to use.  ReadItFor.Me puts the best parts of a book into a 12-minute video.  If you have a team, you can use their done-for-you workshop packages or remote learning experiences to provide team training in under an hour a month – no prep required!

There is no mobile app (yet), but all content can be downloaded to mobile devices.  Pricing for an individual account is $10 per month or $110 for an annual subscription.  Other packages are available for teams and coaches.



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