Websites are a key element of a VA Business.

At the Live Summit in San Antonio, this coming May, we have one speaker talking on this very topic, and that would be Kathy Colaiacovo.  IVAA’s current Events Director but she has also helped more than 100 clients build websites in her 10 years in business AND in doing so she ensures clients have websites that work for them, not against, More importantly, she makes sure the clients understand what a website can do, and be, and also what it should not do or be.

As a Business owner of your Virtual Assistant Business, the same applies to you. You need to know how to optimize your website, something I call a MUST HAVE when it comes to owning a VA Business.

When you work virtually you have got to have an online presence and your website is one part that you control and own.  So, even though it is months away, we want to invite you to join us in San Antonio for this fabulous 2 1/2-day event.

The #1 reason people attend this conference for Virtual Assistants is the networking and the chance to meet other VAs, but also the learning. You will learn directly from people like me and have the chance to talk about the training too when you are there for several days.

So what’s on the Learning Plan for San Antonio?

First of all, we have our keynote speaker, Linda McLean, of McLean International showing us how to be the CEO of our businesses – and I will tell you straight off this is something many VAs do not realize how crucial it is to your success.  Being the BOSS, not the Admin is a new role for many who have a VA business and this session and lesson is critical to making your business succeed.

We also have 12 additional sessions with topics for branding, marketing, tools for your business, hiring a team, mastering the sales conversation, client care, and much more…  click here for a complete outline of topics and speaker bios.

We also feed you 5 meals during this event and give you some “touristy” opportunities too.

There are 2 optional workshops prior to the conference start, a New VA Workshop led by Tracey D’Aviero or a Mastermind Workshop led by several Veteran VAs and intended to help you work ON your business with expert guidance to help you overcome any challenges you may be having. Our goal is to create some accountability groups too so you can go home with a group to connect with all year.

Visit the website and check out all the speakers, the schedule and what is planned… It will be a great event and these can be life changing for some VAs. I know the first one I ever went to – was critical in helping my own VA business thrive – plus I met many friends I still have to this day.

The Early Bird Fee of $399 is in place until January 31st, BUT the 3 pay option (3 x $140) ends November 15th. So if you plan to join us in San Antonio next May, register right away – and as long as the 3 pay is in effect, you can also add one of the pre-conference workshops to the 3 pay as well.

You can see the entire schedule of speakers on the website and you can register here.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Summits, please email the events team via our website form.