Did you know one of the best ways to network & grow your business is at a conference?

I personally can tie over $200,000 in revenue to one conference where I made a few key contacts. Those contacts I made at that event led to referrals and more referrals over time. When I went back into my bookkeeping and tallied up all the revenue that lead back to that one person, the complete trail of income from referrals is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That one contact led to a new client who over time has referred me several people who have done the same. The 2nd client led to another, then more, then another new one, one more from that person, a few more back from the first client… and, well you can see how this goes right?

Sometimes we forget how far one contact and one person can go, but if you trace the path of everyone you might be surprised – I was! And that was one contact, I made 3 key contacts at that event.

Never underestimate the value of attending conferences is my motto! 

A surprising thing about conferences is that you don’t always want to be attending ones just for your own industry but look for others too. Industry ones are great for training, networking and making connections and can also help you find clients (The one I attended sure did!)

But, another key conference tactic of mine is to go where potential clients will be. I like to be very picky about these, because I always want to be learning something from a  conference, and sometimes the best way is to go and get added training but training that might confuse others there – and as a VA who knows this stuff well and often better than the folks attending the event, you can often turn contacts into clients  just from the people at your table at the event.

Go prepared with business cards, an elevator pitch that you will perfect as you say it over and over and an open mind to be brave and meet new people and talk to them too. Share your opinions and ideas – we all have something of value to share.

Whether they might be a training conference for your industry – like the IVAA Summit in San Antonio, Texas next May or other conferences where you learn or even ones where your target market of potential clients may be, investing in conferences as part of your marketing and training budget will be one of those business tactics that can help you Ignite your Spirit and Transform your Business.

Registration will be open soon for the IVAA Live Summit in San Antonio from May 8-10 next year, be on the lookout for more info or visit the website to see the lineup of speakers and programs.

Most importantly, make certain you are on the IVAA list to get emails because we have some special deals happening and you do not want to miss out.

Kathy Colaiacovo

Events Director, IVAA